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Swedish Artist Dyvaile's Latest Cool & Calm Track "Sexual Chemistry" Is A Vibe For the Weekend

Hailing from the Southwest area of Sweden is a Producer and Audio Engineer, Dyvaile.

Teaching himself all he needs to know about the music industry, combined with his family influence, Dyvaile has set out to craft luscious soundscapes full of urban and old-school stylings. Having an intense interest and burning passion for music, Dyvaile has overcome each barrier in his way of being an artist, and today he's releasing quality tracks full of illuminating flavor.

The latest track that Dyvaile has released upon listeners is titled "Sexual Chemistry," and the introduction is very serene, setting an incredibly stimulating environment.

The heavy integration of melodic piano stylings, combined with Dyvaile's smooth and sultry vocalism, is what makes "Sexual Chemistry" able to live up to its name. Dyvaile has a persona that creates calmness, never accentuating his vocal performance in a way that can break that level of relaxation and focus.

We can almost call "Sexual Chemistry" an eclectic take on the Soul/Jazz music culture, as Dyvaile intricately embeds a surplus of components from each. "Sexual Chemistry" is extremely layered, so get ready to pull back each and every layer in order to expose yourself to the various eccentric talents that Dyvaile has to offer.

Hello Dyvaile and welcome to BuzzMusic. "Sexual Chemistry'" has erotic and sensual energy. How do you ensure that such an ambiance is instilled into listeners when they're listening to the track? 

When I put on tracks that inspire me and that I like for such an environment, I basically get that energy from Sexual Chemistry, so I think that the listener to this track will experience the same feel as I do. It has a lot of elements that make a person get that sexual lust and imagination. The lyrics, the production, and the tempo fits perfectly for some bedroom action or at least takes you on an imaginary trip for it. 

Were there any reservations you had during the writing and recording process of "Sexual Chemistry?" Which is one way that the creation of the song challenged you artistically?

I've made the beat for this song in like 2016 and have actually been re-writing the lyrics and re-recorded the song like 3 times. I wasn't happy with the outcome at first but I felt that the production was just so nice so I couldn't let it down. I feel that some songs just have to kind of "marinate" for a while until they reach the point where it is supposed to be. I didn't have a studio at the moment where I lived either so it made it a little difficult as I carried my recording equipment from home to a hotel in Gothenburg where I recorded the final version at the time, and let me add that it was during winter too. But I made it work and I'm very satisfied with the results.

Living in Sweden, how do you feel that the music scene there aids in the progression and success of your own music?

Sweden is a great country in many ways but I haven't really felt that it has affected my career that much yet. I got a lot of influences from our Swedish folk composers and poets, musically, for the traditional sounds that it has that's really reflecting our beautiful nature and environment but I've always been much more influenced by the American music scene and culture. I lived in Los Angeles between 2017 and 2019 and that experience made me grow a lot musically and also as a person. The Swedish music scene is still very big and I know it has a good reputation internationally so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Within the developing world of music how do you feel that your sound integrates into, and what place do you feel you have artistically within the music industry?

I've always seen my place within the industry to be more alternative and underground as I think that's where you can be more who you really are without having to adapt to what is just popular. But the roots in what I'm doing still comes back to a more Hip-Hop and R&B sound as I like that type of arrangement, where you can still play with so many different sounds, tempos, and rhythms. I'm very open to new music and I like to explore new genres and sounds. You never know what you can run upon and a great way to explore new music is to go record shopping, which is something I really enjoy doing. I think it's very important to be creative and expressive the way you want without having anybody to tell you what to do and I feel that's also what will bring you most satisfied with the outcome of what you create musically.


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