'Swim' Into The Summer Vibes With New Track From Sangha

Sangha is a vocalist & producer heavily influenced by his home city of Vancouver, British Columbia. The 24 year old artist’s style flows poetry inticrititly through his lush, groovy production.

His Debut album, “23” is a melting pot of sounds, morphing into a fresh brew which captures the audience on their first listen. Sangha describes his first album as being, “one with the seasons of Vancouver while expressing the the mind state and consciousness of a young poet.”

Pursuing music from the age of 13, Sangha grew his melodic roots from classical Hindi music, 70’s soul, and jazz. His rhythms are uniquely shaped by roots reggae, dub and grime. That, combined with his love for lyricism from golden age hip hop equals an electrifying artistic expression without a dull moment. Artistic vision is Sangha’s secret weapon. The ability to aim every detail of his music to a unifying message creates a cohesive, memorable album like no other. Through this vision, Sangha aims to elevate the artform as well as lift Vancouver into the forefront of youth culture.

'Swim' is the first song release from Sangha off his new album '23' and it's a total summer smash hit and we wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing it pop up in our favourite Spotify playlists! For the first thirty seconds of the song, be prepared to get lost in a beat that will be stuck in your head for days! Sangha has a unique voice that pairs with the beat nicely and we can't get enough of the creativity artistry behind the arrangement of the song.

We catch total summertime vibes from start to finish and we never want it to end.

Listen to 'Swim' and connect with Sangha on social media:

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2uRkktL

Instagram: @govindsangha

Twitter: @govindsangha