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Swipe Right Because JiGH and "Tinder," Are a Perfect Match

Multi-talented Rapper, Singer, and Percussionist JiGH aims to bring forth the entertaining, pigmented, vibrant ambiances in the mesmerizing records he creates. Taking notes from the classic songs that carry infectious and addictive qualities, he strives to create music that reflects these trademarks. Capturing nostalgic nods to the 90’s wave of Hip-hop embodied within the instrumentation “Tinder” raises the bar as we go into this record with anticipation.

Dressing this beat with the zest and swag in his lyrical talents, JiGH flavors his bars with witty quips as he rides the beat with an energetic dominance.

The magnetic chorus “I came across you on Cinderella but with a T and without the ella,T-T-T-Tinder,” sticks to your mind like a potent adhesive. This entire record was inspired in the attempt of JiGH landing a match on the popular dating app, but instead, he was faced with wasted time drizzled in rejection. He decided to turn to Instagram DM’s of the ones that caught his eye, and rather than approaching them with the classic, mind-numbing greeting of ‘Hello,’ he decided to hit them with the chorus of this song.

As one striving to return fun and originality to his intoxicating melodies, JiGH wins major points for the fresh liveliness he exudes in his unique showcase of “Tinder.” With utter confidence dripping from his vocals, JiGH is one to look out for as he continues to connect with his listeners on a more than relatable manner.

Congratulations on the release of “Tinder.” We have to know, with the creativity behind this record, did the song come before the pickup line or vice versa?! What was the creative process like for this record?

Thank you very much. They say when life serves you lemons, MAKE LEMONADE! I not only made lemonade, but Pink Lemonade - Lol! All jokes aside, the pick-up line came before the song. I initially had no plan or intention to do a song on this topic. However, the chorus was in fact created in the attempts of scoring a match, but the song was ultimately birthed as a result of rejection. Instead of me waiting for the Tinder match on app, I decided to slide into Insta DMs. Rather than boringly saying 'hi' approach was what now is the hook of this song. After failing with what I deemed to be a slick pick-up line, rather than let it go to waste - it sparked the idea to make a song out of it and take the comedic approach to my reality.

Did you approach this song differently from other creations that you have released into the world?

Yes and no. YES in the fact that it was approached the exact same way my last 2 singles were created. Being a percussionist, I generally rustle up beats pretty quickly and create my production ideas around my beat pattern. What I envisioned seamlessly came together pretty quickly. With my last 2 singles, I presented these ideas to my Supafriend Mr Mo The Producer, who complimented my concept with his distinctive touch and was co-producer on them tracks. However, NO because on this occasion I presented my concept to Drew Horley...another exceptional producer I highly rate, respect, and admire. He not only added to the beauty of the production but made the whole listening experience pleasurable.

You mention your ambitions of bringing back fun to music, something you personally look for in the tunes that you listen to. What artists inspire your influence to do so?

Oh, that's easy, and there's only a handful. I'd say my first and main would be my ALL-TIME FAVES TLC! They for me have consistently been INCREDIBLE INSPIRATIONAL INFLUENTIAL ICONS! They were fun, along with their music, visuals, what they were about etc. Very refreshing indeed. In fact, not only were they infectious, but I've been an out, loud and proud, self-confessed addict for over 2 decades and counting...shhh, Lol! Missy Elliott is another legendary legend I've thoroughly relished. She not only served fun in music and visuals but was game-changing and so innovative. For me, she has consistently maintained being highly inspirational and influential...even before she became the global sensation we all know now. So I'd say they are my top 2, because they've maintained being so since being a kid at school. Alongside them I'd say Macy Gray, Andre 3000, Slick Rick to name a few.

What has been the biggest takeaway of 2020 for you?

Having the capacity to invest in my artistry. Also the importance and value of TIME! Once time has passed, it's LITERALLY gone...there is no refund or ability to turn back the time. When my plans came to a halt and goals were put on hold, it was easy to wait idle in uncertainty. Although I was temporarily unable to do the fun things like creating and performing, I was able to maximize by investing my time in reading, researching, and having the time to further understand the background of the music industry, especially being an independent artist. It just enabled me to be more proactive and productive in equipping myself, whilst in anticipation of what was once normality. It also forced me to adapt to the current times, and subsequently enabled me doing shows and networking via zoom, instead of at venues. Something I never imagined doing before but met some great people as a result.

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