SY Dubz Releases "I Just Wanna" And It's A Vibe

Witty bars, hard hitting punchlines and catchy hooks is just a few words to describe Sydney rapper SY Dubz who is poised to be at the forefront of rap music in the near future. Filled with quotable lyrics that can be inspirational or comedic, hooks that have you rapping along even after the song finishes and flows that keep your head bopping, this underdog story is bound to have a happy ending. It’s just a matter of time and whether you will be watching from the nosebleeds or front row!

SY Dubz released his single “I Just Wanna” and what I loved most about it was SY’s ability to discuss his dreams in a blunt lyrical approach. The beat was banging and played a great supporting role in the song. It had that hard-bass most people love the most about rap songs alongside a light, delicate melody that isn’t too heavy striping away from the hard-hitting direction of the song. The lyrics talks about SY’s goals, “I just wanna get this money, crave that I get a billi, I just wanna touch the city, hope that they f*cking with me” It displays his dedication and passion for the music industry alongside the drive he has. His rap voice is distinctive from others and it stands apart from the rest, it has this individualistic quality that makes it unique and special. The wordplay and his rap style makes SY Dubz a hit-making prodigy that’s bound to create waves in the music industry.

Listen to "I Just Wanna" here and and check out our interview with SY Dubz below!

How has it been growing up in Sydney? Ever relocated or has that been your hometown for as long as you remember?

Growing up in Sydney was always nice, I’ve spent most of my life here and love it. Shout out to the G and Western Sydney, the love and energy out there is unreal.

What inspired you to begin rapping and why?

It was the only thing I knew, I remember being in school and everyone had to start thinking of career paths they wanted, I had no clue so I stuck with what I was good at and didn’t mind doing at all hours of the day, which is rapping.

Do you have any music influences? If so who and why?

I have plenty of music influences, I feel like if you study an artist enough, you can find something to be influenced about. Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Big Sean, 2 Chainz have all influenced my pen game and then you have people like Wale, J Cole and Hov who have also influenced me lyrically but are people who you can learn from. We would be here all day if I listed all my influences hahaha

What is your goal outcome with your new song?

No goal in particular, whoever likes it, likes it. I just wanted to feed the streets. Pretty much every record I dropped this year was a throwaway, 2019 is when the serious stuff comes out.

What inspired you to write your new song?

The beat always inspires the song for me. The beat brought that energy out of me. For the most part it’s a song that dreamers or people who want to “break free” and chase their dreams will relate to.

What do you think is the most challenging aspect in staying apart from the crowd in the overcrowded rap industry today?

The most challenging thing is probably seeing everyone taking the same formula, same blueprint or riding the same wave and getting places with it. I feel like as an artist you gotta stand on your own two and create your own wave. It’ll take longer to pay off but at least you did it your own way. Everyone can get the same type of beat and take the same flow.

Any major plans for 2019?

A lot of big plans but you gotta stay tuned in. Ha!

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