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Sydney Lauren Proves She Isn’t a “Maybe,” in Latest Breakup-Inspired Release

Fun-loving pop artist Sydney Lauren has released a track that holds the ultimate purpose of spreading self-love.

As a music artist, Sydney Lauren is true to herself and her listeners with the content she releases. She’s all about crafting music that has the opportunity to uplift and transpire, as well as sharing her truths in the process. Her latest song release, “Maybe” has intertwined her powerful youthful energy with her articulated mindset, creating a song that is deemed to be memorable.

“Maybe” begins with an acoustic presence that adds an airy and delicate melody to the song. Sydney Lauren’s vocal style fits perfectly into this kind of production, and the slight element of innocence she embodies makes her presence in “Maybe” all the more fitting. With the potent charisma, she contains, Sydney Lauren is able to draw attention with her vocal sound in the song, and she has that subtly soft voice that requires an honest focus when heard.

Sydney Lauren takes her opportunity to spread her advice and wisdom in “Maybe”. When it comes to relationships and breakups, Sydney has some truths to share and she gets very real with her lyricism, as well as her confidence in delivering such lyricism. She’s clear with her intended message and inspiring with her overall theme.

“Maybe” has the purpose of showing listeners that there’s a purpose to everything, and all in all, the track possesses enigmatic and inspiring energy. Sydney Lauren ensured a real sense of depth when it came to this song release and gave her listeners a real show of her emotions.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sydney, and congratulations on the release of “Maybe”. The song was charming in many ways and allowed your voice to shine in a varied way. What was your initial aim of “Maybe” regarding how you wanted your listeners to feel upon listening? Thank you so much! Although maybe has more of a thoughtful message, it’s meant to be a fun and upbeat song. It turns a serious sentiment into something more playful, without dwelling on the past. Where did the content for “Maybe” come from for you? Was it inspired by personal events? All my music is inspired by real events! It’s sort of an afterthought of an ended relationship, something I wish I had said then. Now that “Maybe” has been released, what are some future plans for yourself and your music? Can listeners anticipate music similar to that of “Maybe?" There’s definitely more music coming! I plan to release an EP very soon which will include “Maybe” another past single, “Single Club”. The entire EP is very cohesive and all fit together to tell a series of stories. I’m also really excited that a lot of the songs on the EP are slightly more upbeat than the last project. As an emerging, youthful artist, what type of perspective do you have on the music industry in place today? Where do you believe your sound fits into that?

I always find it hard to put my sound into a “box”. I’ve heard different people describe my music in different ways based on the musical interests of that specific person. What makes my music most unique to me is the storytelling aspect in my songs and that’s definitely my favorite part!

What's next for you?

Look out for the release of my next EP, coming very soon!

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