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Sydney Producer Jake Jurant Is Making Heavy Waves With New Release, "Caught"

Jake Jurant is a Sydney (AUS) based Music Producer and Audio Engineer who is becoming synonymous with the Deep Chill-Hop, Lo-Fi, and EDM sound and scene. Jake is also a well-known Dj and Promoter. He has produced and engineered multiple songs and projects for artists worldwide, ranging from artists at the height of their careers to struggling artists fighting to get their name out.

His dedication to his craft and musical communities throughout the world is unmatched. His vast experience has allowed him to cross multiple genres, creating music with no ceilings.

After gaining front page positions on Spotify, editorial placements, and multiple charting songs, Jake has gained a fast-rising fan base. He's gained even more attention with his new psychedelic-inspired release "Caught."

"Caught," featuring vocals from Alan T Charly & $t Jimmy, display an organic chill blend of Hip Hop and G Style EDM. The song starts with solid and memorable keys. We're then met with an incredible, smooth vocalist who tells a tale of a dark romance.

The essence of the song is dreamy, with hard-hitting production. The synths add a touch of an electro feel, as the song's overall vibe puts us into an enchanting, trippy trance. The airy ad-libs and melodies add a warm layer and texture to the track

While one person can bop their head and escape into the aura and journey that the composition provides, another may zone into the lyrics and relate strongly to the story being told. Jake Jurant has succeeded in making glitchy Psy-Step rhythms for us to get lost in.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jake Jurant! Congratulations on your new single, "Caught." We love the dreamy yet hard-hitting vibes that this song emanates! Can you give us a minor breakdown of what inspired you to create this record?

Creating something like this has always been an extensive plan of mine. First, I started working on hard-hitting EDM-influenced HipHop instrumentals and then remixes with vocals. It sparked my motivation to do something completely original that would almost be on the side of pop, but of course, I couldn't refrain from still making it as heavy as possible.

We adore this collaboration! How did you team up Alan T Charly & $t Jimmy on "Caught?" What was the creative process like while building this song?

Alan (Alan T Charly) and Jamie ($t Jimmy) have been good friends of mine for a while now, and we have always wanted to work on something together we could make a mark with. We had worked together in the past when Alan did a vocal edit cover of my front page Spotify track 'Runs Dry', which was quickly a fan favorite. I love Alan and Jamie's voice, and the style they have were the vocals I always envisioned for the structure of the song I wanted to create. So I asked the boys if they had any vocal recordings lying around or were working on anything one day.

Luckily, Jamie had a song he had done years ago with the vocals recorded, so before I got him to send me the vocals, Alan had been cooking up something himself, so we were lucky to have him jump on and contribute the great vocals he did. Once I had the vocals, I started building the instrumental around what I thought sounded the best with an EDM and Hip-hop flavor but wanted a sound that could appeal to everyone. Finally, after a few months of redoing every piece and making the vocals perfectly blended, the track was ready!

Is there a specific message or feeling you'd like to convey to your listeners?

I can't thank my fans enough! People like to say it a lot, but it's true.. I wouldn't be anywhere without my listeners, and I don't think they are ever given enough credit. I always say, 'You can write the most excellent song in the world, but if nobody hears it, it doesn't matter, so the absolute praise goes to the fans and music lovers everywhere for genuinely making this scene as unique as it is.

You mentioned that you've worked with artists all around the world! What is the best piece of musical advice you have ever received?

I think the most significant piece of advice I received when I was younger and recently is always 'Don't rush your process. Everyone is so infatuated with releasing so much they forget the core value of Quality Over Quantity. If you keep doing your thing the way you do it, then you'll eventually get to where you want to be. Consistency is key.

What's next for you?

I'll be playing at Esoteric Festival 2022 in Melbourne. That was recently Sold Out, so I'm excited for that but have a fantastic assortment of releases getting locked in with incredible labels, so I'll be focusing on releasing good music steadily, more live performances, and continuing to build that core base of amazing fans and hopefully keep bringing other new fans to these genres altogether.

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