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T-Heights Comes Out With Upbeat Single "Junky"

T-Heights is a Miami born and bred recording artist whose currently living in Brooklyn New York. He began making music around 16 years old, simply creating beats. Sixteen years later, T-Heights is getting ready to release his second commercial hit and 7th full length project. The first single off that album is called "Junky" and it's an uptempo hip hop song. T-Heights written, produced, and recorded this single, showing the world that he’s a jack of all trades! "Junky" reminds me a lot like the popular hip-hop songs back in the 07-10 era when the rappers would curate trendy dances within the music that became an undeniable wave. If you think of songs like “You’re a Jerk” by New Boyz or “Cat daddy” by The Rej3cts, or even the classic “Souljia boy tellem” by Soulja Boy you will understand the plethora of fun rap I’m categorizing “Junky” in. “I wanna see if you can do that junky walk” is the first lyric I heard and I instantly began to create my own “junky walk” best fitting for my dance style and that’s the super cool effect of the song! That small portion in the beginning will encourage others to fabricate their own dance for the song, which in my opinion will skyrocket the single into a hit. The exciting and frenetic record shows charismatic lyrics with an autotune delivery. “Junky” is vibrant, and colorful as well as a pure reflective embodiment of the fun in music. T-Heights not only was able to demonstrate an outgoing persona through his release, but he gave you catchy bars, and an effortless flow to show us that regardless of how fun he can get with his music, he’s still an talented artist who deserves all the recognition and respect he shall receive!

"Junky" is available now to stream on Spotify.

Keep scrolling for T-Heights personalized interview!


With 7 albums under your belt, which has been your personal favorite project you’ve done thus far and why?

I'd have to say the one I'm getting ready to release in a month ("Trapped"). And that's because it has taken me to a place lyrically that I've never been before. It has allowed me to uncover parts of myself that were only subconscious or things that I thought about privately. Now, I get to share it with the world.

Mind telling us a little bit about your most recent album and what fans can expect?

So my most recent album is called "Trapped" and it's about how so many people and streaming services are trapped in this sub genre of trap music and everything that comes with it (clothes, jewelry, girls, money, drugs, violence). It was my intention to both sonically and lyrically go where so many trap artists and fans are right now and talk about all of those things.

"Junky" is a quirky and fun record! Have you thought of creating a video visual to it?

I have! But I want to gain some traction with the record first.

What’s the lyrical meaning behind "Junky"?

Junky has the same meaning as the word Junkie. I just spelled it different to appeal to people's sensibilities. In this case, it's about a guy who, pursues and hooks up with a woman. Her love is like a drug, and he's a junky.

Any exciting upcoming performances? What can we expect next from you T-Heights?

The only thing I have right now is a competition at leadership conference in mid-April. You can expect my second single "T.B.H." to drop on April 5th and the album to drop some time soon after that.


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