Taūv Transports you to Another World on his Release “With a Vengeance"

Octavio Rodriguez, or otherwise known as Taūv, is a New Jersey-based music producer who focuses on creating emotional instrumental music that gets you feeling. Using a visual storytelling approach to coming up with inspiration, Taūv aspires to become a film composer and hopes that the music that he creates a picture in the listener's head. Taūv can put us into a calm emotional state with his latest release, "With a Vengeance," it is one of those releases that you would deeply regret missing out on.

"With a Vengeance" is a very calm tune to listen to, it has a very organic tonality to it that resonates deeply within your soul. The instrumentation is incredibly fluid from the moment "With a Vengeance" begins. It features a kalimba-like instrument that beautifully sings overtop of woodwind-link pads and ethereal textures transport you to this otherworldly jungle scenario where both mystery and beauty surround you. Halfway through "With a Vengeance," Taūv introduces an esoteric ambient groove with cymbals that give us goosebumps that last until the end of the record. "With a Vengeance" is a brilliant "put your mind at ease" tune that we think that everyone would give a listen to.

You can listen to “With a Vengeance” here.