Taūv Transports you to Another World on his Release “With a Vengeance"

Octavio Rodriguez, or otherwise known as Taūv, is a New Jersey-based music producer who focuses on creating emotional instrumental music that gets you feeling. Using a visual storytelling approach to coming up with inspiration, Taūv aspires to become a film composer and hopes that the music that he creates a picture in the listener's head. Taūv can put us into a calm emotional state with his latest release, "With a Vengeance," it is one of those releases that you would deeply regret missing out on.

"With a Vengeance" is a very calm tune to listen to, it has a very organic tonality to it that resonates deeply within your soul. The instrumentation is incredibly fluid from the moment "With a Vengeance" begins. It features a kalimba-like instrument that beautifully sings overtop of woodwind-link pads and ethereal textures transport you to this otherworldly jungle scenario where both mystery and beauty surround you. Halfway through "With a Vengeance," Taūv introduces an esoteric ambient groove with cymbals that give us goosebumps that last until the end of the record. "With a Vengeance" is a brilliant "put your mind at ease" tune that we think that everyone would give a listen to.

You can listen to “With a Vengeance” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Taūv! Your latest release “With a Vengeance” gives us a beautiful mystical vibe! What image did you have in your head while creating this one? What does it mean to you?

Thanks for welcoming me! Wow, mystical, I haven't thought of that word to describe it. Thank you for taking the time to listen. When first creating this track, I had many images going on in my mind. From seeing an animal hunt for prey to seeing two people about to fight, there was a lot of intense emotions that I felt when I heard the original sample for this track. Before I was even done with this instrumental, I knew it would be important to me. "With A Vengeance" is the one song that confirmed that I can capture emotion and build something bigger with it. For me, it was an achievement. 

We’re loving the organic tonality to the instruments used in “With a Vengeance”! How did you create all of the instruments that we hear? Did you record anything?

Thank you! Honestly, a lot of the instruments are stock ones from the DAW I used, Reason. I don't have a studio or a room to myself to create all these tracks. I don't have the equipment to record anything so I work with what I have and make the best with it. Most of my music was made on my laptop and a small midi keyboard at the kitchen table with everyone around me talking and going about their day. It never distracts me though. I have gotten very used to having a lot going on around me while making music. Since beginning to create music, how do you feel you have grown as an artist from then to the music you are creating now?

I would say much has changed. Before, I was very concerned with what people thought about my music and using the programs or equipment that many great producers use. I would always attempt to make something similar to what other artists make, thinking it would help me "make it" in music. Now, it's different. It's all fun for me. I create tracks that I enjoy and I just want to share all of them with everyone since I believe I am not the only one that will enjoy these tracks.

We heard that you aspire to become a film composer! What are some goals you have in place and plans to achieve those goals to help complete your dreams?

It all boils down to one goal, release music. I believe the more tracks I put out to the world, the better my chances are of the right person noticing them and maybe one day, I'll get that call to have my music featured in a movie or show. My time is coming. it's only a matter of time and I just have to stay focused and continue releasing music. What's next for you?

Right now, I have gotten very into making visuals for all the music I have released in the past year. I always go on about making tracks based off the "scenes in my head" and the emotions felt in my everyday life. I want everyone else to see what I see. I think these videos will help with that! This project will occupy my time for a while. After that, it's back to making more music.