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Tah’Chon Doesn't Disappoint With His New Single, "He Never Fails"

Tah'Chon is looking to create music that helps individuals connect with their religious beliefs. "He Never Fails" is a song that illustrates how God is never far away from him.

"He Never Fails" is an example of what a young child's life may change when they are inspired. It demonstrates how Tah'Chon is so greatly inspired by God that even at the age of six, he is singing to the world about his love and devotion to him.

Six-year-old Tah'Chon was born in Georgia. A gospel or inspirational artist uses his inspiration to share with others how important God is in his life and to inspire others to do the same. He has six singles out now, all of which demonstrate his love for God and Jesus at the age of just six.

Emotion is at the heart of gospel music, and Tah'Chon is motivated by that passion in order to create his music. "He Never Fails" is a symbol of his love for God and the fact that God is the one Tah'Chon needs and who will never let him down.

"He Never Fails" has an incredibly strong rhythm. The way the piano and drums are performed works really well to entice young listeners. Children might be encouraged to emulate Tah'Chon and his faith. The words are clear; they are ideal for conveying Tah'chon's message that Jesus would never let you down.

The song has a strong gospel personality, the instruments are audible, and the background claps give the song a unified, recognizable vibe. The message is straightforward but simple, the rhythm is upbeat, and Tah'chon seems to be having a great time. Discover "He Never Fails" today on all streaming platforms.

A very warm welcome to our youngest artist featured to date. Welcome, Tah'Chon! It’s quite fair to say we know who inspired you to write this beautiful single, "He Never Fails." How else does God inspire you?

God inspires me to do good. And because of Him, I’m able to be a public servant and volunteer in my community to show others that no matter your age and size, there’s still power in your heart.

Why is music the perfect way to transmit your faith in God to others?

Music is an easy way for me to teach others about God because sometimes it’s still hard for me to get my words out. So when people ask me questions, my thoughts tend to run faster than the words that are coming out, if you know what I mean.

Is there a message you’d like your audience to hear that you haven’t put in "He Never Fails"?

Well, I would like for them to know that no matter what may come my way, I know God will see me thru. That’s why I still trust Him, and I’m ALWAYS thanking him in advance.

What's next for you?

Besides more music coming, I’m also working on filming a feature film that I can not wait to speak out about.


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