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Tail End: An Odyssey of the Human Spirit

Emerging from the shadows of the Andean peaks in Venezuela, an area well known for its cultural heritage and rich musical history. The captivating heavy psych-grunge power trio Joudy (“Howdy”) masterfully weaves ethereal and dissonant melodies, brooding tones, and entrancing rhythms to craft a sound that is both raw and refined.

Reminiscent of Deftones, QOTSA, and Nirvana- Joudy fuse their dynamic musicianship and electrifying showmanship that boldly contrasts with their introspective and esoteric lyrical themes. Uprooted by political chaos, cousins Diego Ramirez (Vocals/Guitar), Gabriel Gavidia (Bass), and Hulrich Navas (Drums) were forced to flee their homeland during the peak of their rise in Venezuela. One-by-one members gradually dispersed around the globe until finding solace and artistic rebirth in the United States in 2019. However, these trialling events have become a source of expression, reflected in the people's struggles and the political climate in Venezuela. The band’s early and present-day work continues to channel these emotions, informing their sound and message.

Upon their reunion in the US, the band gained notoriety for their intoxicating stage presence. Their much-anticipated third LP, Destroy All Monsters, symbolizes Joudy's triumphant return, marking their first full-length album since re-establishing themselves in the United States. Wonderland Magazine celebrates the album as an ingenious melding of the band's complex heritage and the insurmountable trials they've encountered in their personal and professional lives. It is a voyage into the unknown and a guiding light leading the way back.

Their new single, “Tail End,” offers a good look into their new body of work. “Tail End” features a poignant visual film that perfectly captures the song's emotionality. The video tells us a story of resilience, sacrifice, and rebirth through a series of evocative and carefully crafted shots. It is a rare accomplishment in today’s world of flashy visuals and empty narratives- a music video with substance and depth that complements the song’s ambience.

The production of “Tail End” is the essence of the journey into a world of the unyielding human spirit. This spirit has led the band through the treacherous waters of their home’s turmoil and into the only haven they know, artistic sanctuary. A powerful and intricate ballad that speaks with the humility of a man who has seen the world and remains firmly rooted in his origins.

Destroy All Monsters presents an enthralling odyssey of the hero's journey and a tribute to the unwavering human spirit. Set for release in June 2023 via Trash Casual, Destroy All Monsters is poised to leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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