Tajh Virgil Ropes Us in With New Single “Somebody”

There is something to be said about the young, up and coming talent today and that includes this 24-year-old music producer, Tajh Virgil. Coming from Milwaukee, WI - Tajh brings us his new single “Somebody”

This track starts off with some guitar work, accompanied by a cryptic synth and that alone is enough to set the vibe of the song. Vocally, Tajh Rios in with his cutting and captivating voice. Paired with his infectious melodies, the listener is sucked into the sonic universe of “Somebody”. The influence of Drake shines through, but not more than the iconic artist usually does in this day and age. The chorus is catchy and gets the point across that Tajh is in pursuit of a love interest. This is definitely the kind of song that is easy to dance to, especially with a special someone. The beat and rhythm of the song stay pretty linear the entire way through, from the beginning to the song ending at 2:58, but it’s still enough to get the idea across. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for Tajh Virgil and the waves he is making! 

Listen to Tajh & his music here.

Thanks for being with us today, Tajh! How long have you been producing for?

I’ve been writing and producing for about 10 years now! Sometimes, it’s more writing and recording with other producers but I’ll still executive produce my projects. 

What sort of production influences did you take for your new single “Somebody”?

It was more of pop production with my own style. I had to capture a modern island sound and involve a multi-cultural vibe to the song. I want people of all races to dance to it and have a great time!

How do you find being from Wisconsin and trying to pursue a career in the music industry? What challenges have you faced? It’s sometimes difficult to find networks inside of the city but I don’t let it stop me. Wisconsin has a music base growing rapidly but it’s not a state that has a strong music foundation. So, I pride in challenging myself to get my music to as many different people as I can in the state and outside the state via social media and traveling. I’ve faced not having my music liked by a lot of people for it being different and not sounding like what people think Milwaukee music sounds like. I’ll be the face of the new culture here in my state and city I believe. 

What is one thing you want listeners to take away from your music? The message that each song has. A lot of my music is positivity and hope but I have a lot of relationship-centered songs too showing the good or not so good of love, but never negativity. 

When will “Somebody” be on streaming services and do you have future plans to release new music?

It’s actually available now to stream. Just search “Somebody” by Tajh Virgil on any platform and it will pop up!