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Takaayla Sets Limits In “Know Your Place”

Takaayla becomes a voice of respect, sending a message to those who want to cross a line on other people's bodies and minds: "Know Your Place."

Making music from Canada, Takaayla is a queer artist on a journey to create her lane in the pop genre. She merges diverse sounds and rhythms, breaking boundaries in her art, but it also reflects who she is and what kind of example she wants to be for young people and future artists.

In "Know Your Place," Takaayla's voice inspires power and respect, like a queen speaking from a high place, warning that she owns herself and no one can make her do what she doesn't want. "Know Your Place" is a song that empowers people to put limits on their relationships with others.

"Know Your Place" uses the sounds of Hip-hop to make a track that builds an aura of authority around Takaayla's voice and lyrics. The beats sound enveloping, and the bass gives weight to each word she sings. Her strong but melodic voice contrasts with the heaviness of the track. Consequently, it catches your attention every second and makes every beat a drop of pleasure to your ears.

The amazing track and Takaayla's voice make the message clear, it is okay to let others get close to you and hang out, but they don't have the right to do with you as they please; there are limits on your body and self-respect no one can trespass. You must let others know their places.

Take a listen to "Know Your Place" today and boost your self-respect with this irresistible fusion of hip-hop and pop.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Takaayla, and congratulations on your latest release, "Know Your Place." What took you to create “Know Your Place?”

Honesty just came up with the hook and melody, first with the lyrics “ imma put you in ur place" on repeat, then a month later had a writing session with singer/songwriter Michael Treacy and came up with the rest of the song just like that. It was so fun creating with her and sharing our ideas together

Where do you get the strength to give such a powerful message in “Know Your Place?”

Women all other the world, the people closest to me who have been through similar experiences with any form of sexual harassment and or assault. As a woman, it’s such a raw subject to write about, so definitely having an amazing support system around me definitely helps out a lot, so really. Just women/girls, in general, give me that strength.

How have you overcome your fears to break new ground in the music world?

I feel like I’ve broken the fear of breaking ground in the music world. Over the past 3 years, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I feel comfortable in my artistry to the point where I don’t really have to worry about fear. Although there is still some fear, I am able to push through :)

What would you like people to learn when listening to “Know Your Place?”

I want my listeners to learn that they aren’t alone when it comes to it. That there are so many people out there that can relate to you. I just want people to take back the powers that have been wrongfully stolen from them. In any shape or form, it doesn’t just have to be assault.

What's next for you?

LOTS OF SHOWS have been playing/booking lots of shows in Toronto, and hoping to extend very soon. also been working on my debut EP, which is hopefully to be released sometime next year.


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