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Take a "Beach Day" with Dream Soda's Latest Single

The Toronto-based genre-defying artist and singer-songwriter Dream Soda takes us on a sweet and lively vacation with his latest single, "Beach Day."

Created by solo member Max Farber, the Toronto-based musician and his versatile sound have been labeled everything from indie/alt-rock to dream pop. While the world of music and sound is constantly progressing, Dream Soda promises to remain true to his versatile sound.

Recently releasing his summer single, "Beach Day," the song takes us back to a nostalgic space through its surf-rock appeal while bringing hints of modernity through its lively electronic incorporations. Truly a summer anthem made for anyone to enjoy the season's passion and heat, Dream Soda reminds us to kick back and relax on a needed vacation from time to time.

As we introduce ourselves to the single "Beach Day," we're met with a playful electric guitar melody soaked in reverb alongside punchy drum breaks. As Dream Soda makes his warm and low vocal appearance, he sets the song's dreamy tone through lyrics that yearn for a needed vacation, where he can lay his head to rest after working day in and day out.

As we reach the vibrant and upbeat hook, Dream Soda reminds us of the importance of kicking back and relaxing when in need of a getaway. While he describes picturesque scenes of sunshine beaming on his face to feeling the waves crash upon his feet, Dream Soda sends us into a savory dream that flees our cyclical workdays.

Take a needed "Beach Day" with help from Dream Soda's latest energetic and nostalgic single. Find "Beach Day" on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Dream Soda and welcome to BuzzMusic. We'd like to thank you for creating such an anthemic and passionate single like "Beach Day." What inspired you to create a single that encourages the listener to wash away their troubles with a vacation?

Thank you thank you thank you!! I think what really brought this all together was simply a day I spent at the beach. I was going through a bit of a situation at the time, and I decided to take a day and go to the beach with my wife, and when we were there...just hearing the waves and feeling the sun on me honestly felt so euphoric. It really allowed me to take a breath and remind myself that I'm going to be okay, and I wanted to share that with everyone who might be going through a struggle of their own. The beach is always there! We can't help but hear this nostalgic surf-rock feel within your single, "Beach Day." Why did you want to deliver this sort of sound and atmosphere within the single?

There's most definitely a surf-rock feel to it. I wanted to bring a positive message in the lyrics, but from a melodic point of view, I wanted to basically answer the question of "if you're playing music at the beach, what's the first song you listen to?". I'm a big fan of the surf-rock genre, and with Dream Soda kinda playing around with many different kinds of genres, I wanted to make sure that I got a surf-rock one in there because it's hard to not wanna bop your head and smile when you hear those guitars and drums. It's an uplifting, fun, and relaxing vibe that I think many people will resonate with. Was it easy to transmute your thoughts to lyrics when writing your single, "Beach Day?" What sort of images and scenes did you want to paint through your lyricism?

Very much so! Some songs I write are written over a few weeks or months, and others are written in minutes. Beach Day was written in about 15 minutes because the imagery that came to me was extremely vivid. I knew instantly what I wanted to say, and how I wanted to say it. The first thing I pictured was an empty beach with no sound except for the gentle crashing of waves hitting the sand. I'm personally a big fan of taking naps at the beach and just soaking in the surrounding sounds. I wanted to share that imagery with my listeners, just a simple getaway of the mind. Everyone will have different imagery and interpret it how they choose, but I just wanted to paint a picture of an escape from the real world and being able to find the comfort of getting lost in that escape. Did you work with any producers or engineers when creating your single, "Beach Day?" Or did you tackle the production and mixing process yourself?

This song was produced by me, however, I got to work with a very talented producer/engineer by the name of Blayne Stone, whose better known as Beatsblayne. We've been good buds for a while, and I knew I wanted to incorporate his style and genius into my work, and Beach Day was definitely a perfect fit. He's one of, if not the strongest mixers/producers in the business right now, and I definitely recommend him for any musician reading this. Check him out (@beatsblayne on Instagram) and see his work. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. What's next for you?

Great question! My goal is to release an EP towards the end of the year, but I got some more singles that I wanna drop, as well as a few fun covers I've been messing around with. The songs I've been working on recently are a much different vibe than my first two, but I still think they capture the overall essence of what Dream Soda represents. Fun, catchy, exciting music that allows you to shut your brain off and just enjoy the melodies. I honestly can't wait for people to hear what's coming up!


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