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Take A Load Off At Your Next “Backyard BBQ” With See Style

Atlanta has always been a melting pot of multiple cultures, and it's been See Style's exposure to multiple cultures combined with exposure to vast socioeconomic settings which has contributed to his unique perspective. When asked to describe his musical content, See Style said, "This is what it would sound like if your neighbor with three kids, a wife, and a mortgage could rap."

Having music for every level of evolution in hip-hop, See Style adapts an approach where he is everybody - because you can see a little style in everybody you know.

His latest single, "Backyard BBQ," fits perfectly into the spectrum of See Style's musical talents and lifestyle. The piano's forward bop instills feel-good and bouncy energy as soon as we press play, and we're here for this laidback yet vivid summertime anthem that encapsulates his energy impeccably. Taking us back to the 2000s, where the jubilant instrumentations are greeted with abundant storytelling, the nostalgia rushing through the speakers goes hand in hand with the lively vibe that See Style emanates from his audience. His swift flow and effortless delivery bring listeners unmatched ease as he delves into the details he scribes. There's a focus on the narrative, and how See Style ropes you into his story is brilliant. He has his audience wanting more, all while getting lost in the melodic swing the instrumentation carries out.

Speaking on core memories of his past with trials and tribulations, love, family matters, and what the setting of a backyard BBQ would do for the soul, See Style brings you into his world through vulnerability and lyricism as the realism that drips from his poised tonal distinction emit truth and a picturesque quintessence.

Grasp onto all this and more as you delve into "Backyard BBQ" today, the nonchalant heater that is bound to make it to your next summer BBQ.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, See Style! Congratulations on the release of "Backyard BBQ." This song holds so much value regarding your story and the feel-good energy conveyed. What inspired you to create a vibe like this?

Real-life events and circumstances inspired the song. I was going through some issues in my professional and personal life, and the song was inspired by the feeling I always felt when visiting my father's home. The line where I say leave my problems at the door; I'll pick them up when I leave," came from a real place. There are a few places I can go and put the noise from the outside on mute, and my father's house is one of those places.

How did you adopt the persona of you being everybody? When did that come to you, and could you please dive deeper into what that means to you?

The idea of me being everyone evolved. When I meet and speak with people in my professional and personal life, we all have similar goals and concerns. Those goals and concerns are similar despite the differences in financial status. I have talked with senior managers of Fortune 500 companies, supervisors, hourly laborers, and entrepreneurs who struggle to cover monthly expenses and make payroll. The common theme throughout all of those conversations is the want to provide for their families, the want to secure financial security, and to be able to do some of the things that they enjoy.

My connection to See Style being everybody is rooted in my continuous love affair with music. The financial expenditures related to the production and marketing of my music have never been equivalent to the revenues generated by the product. Still, my commitment to producing and releasing music is similar to that of the American who spends thousands of dollars playing golf with the understanding that their chances of making the PGA and generating revenue that would cover the expenses are slim. That weekend warrior who spends hours on the golf course each year gets to escape the personal and professional challenges that consume so many hours of their life; they get to see their game evolve. The feeling of seeing your skill set evolve is priceless. When I say that See Style is everybody, it is rooted in the reality that everyone deserves something they enjoy, and it will not always make sense to the outside world.

With your music being so well-rounded and holding a space for everyone, what themes do you enjoy writing about the most? What makes "Backyard BBQ" so unique in your discography?

The themes I enjoy writing about the most allow me to express my perspective on the situations that are a part of my everyday life. A former boss told me, "You are not special." when he elaborated on the statement, he communicated that the concerns and the issues that I face are not unique to me. Backyard BBQ is special to me because it communicates the appreciation that I have for the environment that my father has provided me at his residence. I hope listeners understand that the backyard BBQ with my daddy on the grill is my place of refuge; the goal is that the song reminds listeners of that special environment or person that offers them a place of refuge.

What message and emotion would you like your audience to pick up on when listening to "Backyard BBQ?"

The message that I want my audience to pick up when listening to the song is that each of us needs a safe place that allows us to regroup mentally. I hope that the song sparks the process of mental recovery.

If you could tell your listeners something about you that they may not know, what would you want it to be?

If I could tell my listeners something about me that they may not know, it would be that it would mean the world to me if they cheer for me. At this point in my life and career, I know that music means something to someone priceless. I will continue to produce and release music because that is what I am supposed to be doing, but knowing that the music elevated someone's day is worth billions of streams.

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