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Take A Moment To Get, "Lost In It," With Natalie Nichole

Singer, songwriter, actress, and all-around entertainer, Natalie Nichole, represents Texas as the place she grew up and currently resides in.

Nichole has been performing her entire life, whether it was through dance groups, talents shows, television, and commercials, or youth organizations, since a young age, Natalie Nichole has known the spotlight. Through life’s hardships, Natalie Nichole experienced what it was like to be homeless while living in California, but that didn't stop her from continuing with the grind and pursuing her dreams.

Staying authentic to herself and dedicated to her craft, Natalie Nichole embraces her audience with her most recent single, “Lost In It.” Creating the ultimate ambiance in a Contemporary R&B realm, we are offered the sensual experience of Natalie Nichole getting lost in the moments she shares with her significant other. A sultry vocalization of each harmony layered has us shifting towards her voice with the most ease and assurance.

The prevailing tone set is more than desired as you transport yourself to an environment with dimmed lighting, lit candles, and soothing luxury. The alluring quintessence that Natalie Nichole casts out, has her heavenly timbres cascading upon slow tempo instrumentation that pulses through the speakers.

With her vocals being the centerpiece, she has a heightened knack for storytelling as she dives deep into her creative canvas by laying out intricately crafted lyrics that come to life. Natalie Nichole shines the spotlight on pleasure as she reminds us that it’s more than okay to be comfortable in our skin. Taking her talents to the next tier, I think it’s safe to say that her listeners are sure to get lost in the enthralling resonance that is, “Lost In It.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Natalie Nichole, and congratulations on the release of, “Lost In It.” With a track that leaves you so exposed, could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when making, “Lost In It?"

“Lost In It” is a special record to me for multiple reasons. It’s my first record to drop for the New Year 2021 & I recorded it all & engineered myself in my home studio (Studio N27). I’m always heavily involved in the studio when I work with other engineers and producers because I’m well aware of how I want to sound and what I want to execute but with “Lost in It” it was a treat for me & even a slight flex to know I did it on my own. I’m proud of it. I know how much I put into my music every time I drop a record but now no one can say they engineered or recorded this record or the upcoming records because I’m doing them all from home. No one can take credit for what they didn’t actually do or arrange & I'm so proud of that fact.

In terms of themes and messaging, what would you like your listeners to take away from this single?

This record is sexy it’s a testament to the ladies with active sexual lives. When I say “active sexual lives” I don’t mean sleeping around but I mean having a healthy unapologetic sexual & passionate relationship with their person. We’re all sexual human beings & this song is an homage to that beauty for women. For so long women couldn’t flaunt their desire for sex otherwise they’d be viewed as impure or something. That’s why popular songs like “Girls need Love” by Summer Walker hit so hard because women are just as sexual as men & need & want it too. The theme for this song is to express your sensuality and not be afraid of what others may think of it. I’ve gotten a great response from both Men & women so it’s ultimately for everyone to enjoy however they choose.

What is a common misconception that some people may have of you as an artist? What should they know to set the record straight?

I don’t think people realize my actual work ethic. Talent is a given but I go beyond just being pretty and having talent. I work my ass off and I’m heavily involved in everything that I do especially creative processes & business ventures/ideas. I don’t think I always get credit for my mind but eventually, I’m sure people will figure it out.

How have you found yourself grow as an artist from your first release to this present one?

I’m constantly growing and finding what I like to dabble in. I’m well aware of my sound & voice texture so just being able to work with anyone and still sound like me is something that’s developed over time. Getting better & better at quick harmony executions as well as a highlight for me and a personal accomplishment. I’ve always loved harmony & have always been able to hear them but it wasn’t always the easiest thing for me to execute quickly. Now I’m super confident in the harmony department and just being able to freely create. I am in a good head space & I think you can hear that in my records. I’m able to finally be me fully.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

Every song I make is a true story that comes from my life experiences, heart, mind & soul. When you hear a Natalie Nichole record it’s a record that was passionately thought about whether it’s silly or serious. My goal is to make each listener FEEL & have an experience through my voice, lyrics, and vocal arrangement. I’m giving the listener my everything every-time they hear me, I need them to know that.



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