Take a Trip through Nostalgic Waves With Fox & Arrows, “Astronauts”

Based out of Woodstock, GA, Fox & Arrows is a sibling-based band that thrives on serving up Indie-Pop comfort.

Fox & Arrows is made up of Anna, Taylor, and Ben Tankersly, who all do their part to contribute to the songwriting talents heard across their musical creations. With each sibling and member picking up an instrument between the ages of 6 -10, their musical journey took off and is now what we know as Fox & Arrows.

Delving into an ethereal atmosphere of profound lyrical conveyance, Fox & Arrows dips into a soothing performance in their most recent single, “Astronauts.” A full spectrum of tantalizing sounds immediately asserts themselves as they trickle into the soundscape one by one.

Heightening your senses in an intimate offering of slow to mid-tempo fusion, the warm acoustic chords gracefully combine with crisp shimmers as they make a striking foundation for the vocals of Anna Tankersly to flutter upon. Adding a vintage touch to the reminiscent hues that this harmonious melody advances, Fox & Arrows fortifies their songwriting techniques in the most relatable manner. The methods that they use to cast out spirited imagery in the form of lyrical pleasantries are unparalleled.

The dynamism that they share practically jumps out of the speakers as they fill your universe in an enthralling performance of nostalgic vibrations. With the crooning background vocals pairing with the heavenly lead like a fine wine, Seth Hanenburg is the guest appearance on the song that delicately sprinkles his flair as he brings the vision of Ben, Taylor, and Anna Taylor to the next level.

Indebted to the serene transportation towards starry-filled skies, Fox & Arrows outdoes themselves as they exude a larger-than-life flair on the planet Earth.

Congratulations on the captivating release of, “Astronauts.” What originally inspired the nostalgic creation that sends you back to the movie of, "Treasure Planet”?

This song all started from the acoustic hook at the beginning and ending of the song. After messing around with that and some chords, we decided to write some words to it. That's usually how it goes for us - we hear something and then start writing. Immediately, the line "Three friends" came out and we decided to center the song around our sibling relationship. We're all pretty tight and wanted to capture that. The "Treasure Planet" vibe came a little later in the studio when our audio engineer, Sam Falle, threw some magical pads and drums on the track. Later, the spacey electric guitar played by Seth Hanenburg and Sam Falle helped to complete the vibe.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative and recording process that brought “Astronauts” to life? What did each member contribute to this specific song?

Taylor and Anna started writing this song in 2018 (Ben was busy but remained a part of the inspiration behind the song - and of course, he's always our hype guy).

After writing, we started to create a demo in Anna's basement bedroom/studio. We then kept this in our back pocket for a year and a half. We always knew we wanted to record this, and God opened the door in 2020. Anna graduated from The Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN in 2020 for audio engineering and decided to record "Astronauts" there. We recruited one of the audio engineers (Sam Falle) to work with us and brought in a family friend (Seth Hanenburg) to help us create the sound we were going for. Anna and Taylor sang lead on the track. Anna played the acoustic hooks at the beginning and end of the track. Seth sang backup, played the piano, bridge guitar, and solo guitar at the last chorus. Sam created the ambient pads and drum tracks and played the electric guitar for the verses.

What was it like working with Seth Hanenberg to achieve the desired sound that we hear on this track?

Seth Hanenburg is basically the adopted band member here :) He's been a family friend for 11 years and interestingly enough, Taylor gave Seth guitar lessons when he was younger! Seth quickly surpassed the teacher For any musical project we embark on, we love Seth to throw in his guitar skills. Working with him was awesome - he really heard where we were trying to take it and in about 30 seconds had a solo we could use.

How do you allow your musical influences to speak into the music that you create?

I think something always brings us back to a sound we heard when we were younger. When we're creating, we'll be messing around with melodies and rhythms and then say, "Oh that reminds me of a 50's sound" or "Let's make this sound like that epic drum in Lion King"! Super random sounds will trigger memories and then we try to add that vibe in our track. So the little details in our songs always have us reminiscing.

What would you like new listeners to know about the music you create?

Taylor usually brings a rock element and Anna brings a pop element, so we always try to blend these genres for our audience to sing along to.

We honestly hope that people listen and smile. God has given us all talents and we should be using them to bless others and bring Him the glory.