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Take A Trip With Kasey Rios With His Latest “33.3705N, 35.2038 E / 2AM”

Kasey Rios, an independent R&B recording artist, is also known as Ali Ghoussein. This San Bernardino native has had a passion for music since the young age of four. Some of his favorite artists were Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Will Smith and Chris Brown to name a few. At the age of 6 his family relocated to Lebanon and his love for music went with him. This artist music blends elements of trap, hip hop, soul, with a little fresh twist. Take a smoke break and tune into Kasey Rios’ latest track.

Tuning into “33.3705N, 35.2038 E / 2AM” you’re hit with so many things at once. This track has a strange beauty. One that sounds so different but it is a pleasurable tune. You can get lost in this track. From the lyrics that have deep meaning of what you would think is a relationship giving it that R&B feel. But then it’s trippy with the trap house production. The choice in manipulation of vocals for this track was done really well. It’s the perfect balance and it is heard throughout from start to finish. This track gives you a little hip hop, just enough trap and wrapped up in a polished R&B package.

Listen to the latest from Kasey Rios here. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Kasey to find out more about his music career and what “33.3705N, 35.2038 E / 2AM” means from the artist himself.

What’s up! Could you please share with our readers about yourself Kasey?

Hey guys, thanks for having me. My name's Kasey Rios, i'm an independent R&B/Soul artist originally from San Bernardino, CA, but I've moved between Lebanon and LA. I've been in LA for about four years now, making music for about ten, since I was fourteen. I started out producing on an old white MacBook with a friend I met from school, and we recorded music together as a way to talk about the things going on around us. But our friends and families were always very supportive of us and thought we could really do it in a larger capacity, as opposed to just a hobby, lend a voice to everyone who couldn't say what they wanted to, especially where we grew up. I ended up pursuing music as my main endeavor which lead me to come out to LA and actually go to school for it. I graduated from the Musicians Institute last April from their Independent Artist Program, and now I'm working on building a career as a recording artist.

Your latest track “33.3705N, 35.2038 E / 2AM”, explain the idea behind the name?

33.2705 N, 35.2038 E are the coordinates of the city of Tyre, Lebanon, where I spent a lot of time growing up, and where I originally started making music for the first time. I'm actually out here working on my new project now, which is why I named the record after it, the project and record are influenced by things that have happened since coming back here and I wanted to convey that in the title.

When you are coming up with a new track, what are some of the first things you do to “prepare”?

To be honest I start to work on a new track when I have something specific I want to talk about. So based off of whatever that may be, my process usually starts on a keyboard or chopping up a sample that embodies the vibe of what I'm saying and want to put the listener in with me. Then I'll listen to some of my biggest musical influences that have that sound I want my record to have for inspiration and I'll hit the studio to bring it to life.

What led you to the genre of music you produce?

My music is mostly fueled by R&B, Soul and Hip Hop, and it really comes from my parents. Growing up my dad or my mom were always playing music around me, and R&B/Hip Hop were they're genres. I came up on Pac, Big, Sade, Bob Marley, Jodeci, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, artists like that. The legends. What I try to do with my music now is blend and pair the sonics and melodies of classic and contemporary R&B with the rhythm and lyrical intricacy of Hip Hop in all its facets. It allows me to discuss more eclectic topics and do it in a way that you'll vibe out to and remember, I hope.

What is the hardest things being an independent artist?

I love being involved in every aspect of my music, whether it's the process of recording it, promoting it, or legally protecting it, I want to be part of it. It gives me a hand on the whole brand of "Kasey Rios" as opposed to just the songs I make. That in itself though is the best as well as the hardest part I would say of being independent. It can be stressful and tasking to be running point of every aspect of your music alone, because you can't afford to lag or be inefficient in any area, or your project and your brand suffers. So it's not a bad thing to be doing, but it can be difficult. Your triumphs as well as your failures are yours alone, which is good.

When will you drop a new EP for your listeners?

I'm currently in album mode as we speak, like I said earlier I'm actually in Tyre, Lebanon till February recording and working on the project, I plan to release a double album this coming year. The first half I'm hoping will be out mid March and the second coming in the fourth quarter of the year. It's an ambitious record, between the two projects, I'm recording around 52 tracks. So I hope you guys enjoy them and it's gonna be fun.


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