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Take a Walk On The Wilde Side With "Dangerous Thing"

Fox Wilde, is the bold, daring, and edgy project of composer, producer, and artist duo, Demitri and Michael Lerios.

As children, the brothers looked up to their father, Pablo Cruise' Cory Lerios, and his success in the music industry. Even from an early age, the two found themselves gravitating towards their own musical career and further exploring their creative synergy.

With a list of accomplishments that take them from working on projects for Demi Lovato, to collaborating with writers and producers behind artists such as, Miley Cyrus, Backstreet Boys, and Aerosmith, their main project, Fox Wilde, showcases their multi-instrumental talents, pop writing sensibility, and incomparable stage presence.

Giving their musical identification a broad horizon that swims in the Electro-Pop spectrum, Fox Wilde takes subtle hues from Contemporary R&B to embellish their most recent single. “Dangerous Thing,” is a filled to the brim melodic fusion that has you busting out your most dramatic dance moves as you soar from one end of the room to the other in pure poignant vibrations.

The dynamic duo captures a prevailing sizzle that strikes your ears in the most pleasant manner. Formulated with layers of thunderous synths, pulsating rhythm, and lucid vocals that radiate power, Fox Wilde exudes the type of confidence that one can only dream of. This mid-tempo bop has you transitioning your attention from the tenacious, soul-infused tenors sang, to the tight rhythmic elements provided in a larger than life arrangement of, “Dangerous Thing.”

Enthusiastic, even when speaking on themes of pursuing the wrong person, even though you love the craze it sends you spiraling in, Fox Wilde has you fully committed to the messages they send out because of how they convey it. Dynamism like that isn’t just found, which is why it makes their music that much more authentic. As Fox Wilde continues to get intrapersonal with their listeners, we have our minds made up as we fixate ourselves with their incontestable talent and work ethic.

Congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “Dangerous Thing.” With the intoxicating melodies that you serve up, what is your reasoning behind this song being your first release of the year? Well, first off thank you very much!! You are far too kind! “Dangerous Thing” was chosen to be our first release of 2021 because it is the next chapter in the story of Fox Wilde. In 2020 Fox Wilde began a new journey and shared that journey with the world. “Dangerous Thing” marks the 3rd single of the new album set to release this year. Fox Wilde is in a constant battle against himself, trying to break free of the demons inside. This story picks up from our previous singles “Looks To Kill” and “Bad For You” where I (Demitri) have “killed off” my old self — my insecurities. “Dangerous Thing” begins with the continued shedding of who I once was; It is truly about the sacrifices that came with my “re-birth”. We all look back on life at one point and have hope that someone or something will come back. We sometimes have hope that things will be the same again. That same hope can leave you waiting for the past; a past that will never come. And usually, that hope can be such a “Dangerous Thing”.

Was there a specific moment or story that influenced the songwriting in, “Dangerous Thing?" “Dangerous Thing” may have been my subconscious taking everything that had happened in my life from the past to what was happening directly in front of me. I was going through a lot of things at the time. Trying to discover my true self again, breaking up with my girlfriend, COVID, etc. Stuff I think everyone was going through. I woke up really early in the morning, still in a lucid state, sat down, and “DANGEROUS THING” just happened. The lyrics, the music, the recording. It was the fastest song I had written. It all happened in about 15 minutes. Thinking about it now, everything I was going through is a culmination of what the song is about. How I was hoping for a different outcome from my past. How I was hoping my relationship didn’t have to inevitably end. How I was hoping COVID didn’t take the world the way it has. How hope can be such a “Dangerous Thing” How has Fox Wilde managed to stay creative and inspired throughout the Covid-19 pandemic? Have you faced any challenges in this sector of the journey? Something interesting happened when COVID hit. COVID made everyone stop and think. Sounds crazy but hear me out. It made you look inward. To assess what life means and how we can move forward and create a more meaningful life for ourselves and those around us. So when Covid hit that’s what happened. I looked inward and I looked around. With that, my creativity, my music, my art has never been the same. Not a day has gone by since Covid that I haven’t been in between two speakers. Of all the complications it has brought upon people, it gave me the gift of ultra creativity. It was what saved me back in high school and it’s what saved me now. Talk about full circle. What is the overall message that you convey in the music that you put out for your audience? To be bold, be daring, and find the art in your pain. To own your flaws. That’s what Fox Wilde is. All you have to do is dig deep in yourself and discover the Fox Wilde that lives in you. What can we expect to see next? The story of Fox Wilde continuing. More music, more videos, and more discoveries.


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