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Take a Well-Deserved "Holiday" With Kevin Pollack's Soulful Single

From Chi-Town, IL, the exhilarating Singer/Songwriter, and NuTown Artist Kevin Pollack graces us with his uplifting and romantic single titled "Holiday."

Kevin Pollack is continuously swooning listeners with his many creative endeavors, from performing his music in Vegas alongside Frankie Moreno to performing twice at the Ravinia Festival for RaviniaTV. Garnering inspiration from Pop, Rock, and Soul acts of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Kevin Pollack is excited to acquaint listeners with his stimulating genre, NuTown (New Motown.)

Regarding his recent single, "Holiday," Kevin Pollack blasts through with incredibly uplifting instrumentation and his highly passionate lyricism. While vocalizing with incredible strength and enthusiasm, the lyricism Kevin Pollack delivers lets the listener's heart flutter with adventure and energy. Not to mention the astonishing instrumentals that offer immense soul through each tightly-wound transition, let's dive right into this thumping single.

Kevin Pollack's "Holiday" opens with a wildly energetic introduction. Almost as if it came straight out of Saturday Night Live, the song gets our feet moving with help from vibrant trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. As the jazzy electric guitar, warm keys, and fluid bass begins swinging with energy, Kevin Pollack enters the track and starts singing picturesque lyricism.

Wishing to take a "Holiday" with someone he holds dear to his heart, we highly appreciate the detailed and descriptive lyricism that Kevin Pollack has created, as he paints vivid pictures of unhindered love and expression. While describing the many places he'd like to take some special, a warm instrumental breakdown around the bridge makes the track all the more passionate and soulful.

Ending the song off on an energetic and bright note, Kevin Pollack is soaring through his NuTown genre with his latest release, "Holiday," as he gets listeners moving and ready for any adventure.

Could you take us through the inspiration for your soulful track "Holiday"? When did you begin creating the single, and why?

While my wife and I were on vacation in London, I kept humming this melody everywhere we went. In London, vacation is considered a “holiday,” so I thought why not write a song about taking a holiday. So I went to my co-writer Michael Flynn who mapped out the rest of the song with me, then we took it to our arranger/co-writer Derrick Procell and went from there. The ending result was everything I heard in my head. A party.

We've noticed that you had an entire team of musicians help you with the powerful instrumentals in "Holiday." Why did you want to feature such a broad and potent instrumental? Is this a staple sound for you?

I love hearing a live full band with big sound. I’ve always been obsessed with the Motown era and that heavy horn sound with backup singers, and I wanted to pay tribute to that, but with my own twist. I call it NuTown, which is “New Motown.” I want my music to stick out and be catchy enough that people will remember it.

Do you usually write songs with such passionate and conceptual lyrical messages, similar to what you did with "Holiday"?

I do. I like to keep it family-friendly and fun. I don’t swear in my lyrics because I want it to be heard everywhere for all ears to hear.

We also noticed that you released a music video for your single "Holiday." Did you have any help from Directors or Producers to further execute your vision?

Yes! I called upon my go-to director, award-winner Deric Gochenauer who did an incredible job with my first music video, “Man About Town,” and asked him if he’d like to direct this one too. I also used the same cinematographers I used in my first video, Lincoln Rogers & MDOG Productions. We also had Zach Spangler on a drone camera. Deric came up with the story concept and we recreated his vision when we filmed it in Rockford as my friend Chuck Little’s backyard. His neighbors helped out a lot as well.

What goals do you have for your music going into 2021?

My goal is to write/create as much music as possible. I’m working on so many songs right now with some cool styles. A new one I’m writing, “No More Tears,” is going to feature The Four C Notes, a Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons tribute from Chicago, and have that old Doo-Wop style with lots of harmonies. I just released a new EP called “The Other Side,” available on all online platforms now! I’m also working on my next NuTown EP.



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