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Take Flight Through Sonic Bliss with "The Boy Who Learned To Fly"

Nathan Mac has always been one to capture genuine themes in the music that he crafts. This stands especially true with his latest release, "The Boy Who Learned To Fly."

The Dublin based Pop Artist has a knack for his singing and songwriting abilities as he continues to garner major attention from not only listeners in his home of Ireland but on an international level as well. Nathan Mac steps to the plate as he takes on the task and pure joy of portraying the complicated lives of complicated people.

"The Boy Who Learned To Fly" pulls listeners into the deep grasp of Nathan Mac's modern Pop essence as he offers up a profound and delicate message neighboring the vulnerability held within as he conveys his intoxicating lyrics.

Drizzled with sonic bliss, the tantalizing production is performed with soulful elements that make a ballad like this come straight from the heart. Shifting perspective and allowing us to sink into the sentiments that he exudes, Nathan Mac remains to tug our heart strings from here on out.

Discover more about Nathan Mac here.


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