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Take "One Last Ride" with Roman Generation's Latest Single

Hailing from Paris, France, the thrilling rock band Roman Generation encourages listeners to join them on "One Last Ride" with their latest exhilarating single.

After forming in 2009, Roman Generation has seen vast success with help from their explorative sonic approaches and relatable lyrical themes. With eight albums under their belt, Roman Generation is more than excited to release their forthcoming ninth album in January 2022, created with help from legendary producers.

Seeping into the depths of our emotions with their latest single, "One Last Ride," Roman Generation offers a gritty and powerful instrumental approach while touching on the inner sorrow caused by an unhealthy relationship. Through their blistering instrumentals and powerhouse vocals, Roman Generation truly brings us into an enthralling and stimulating state of reflection.

Jumping into the single, "One Last Ride," the song opens with heated acoustic guitar picking accompanied by a midtempo drum beat and the lead vocalist's powerful and deep vocals. Once a gritty rhythm guitar begins piercing our speakers, Roman Generation later leads us towards the blistering hook where they drench us in the heat and energy of melodic rock.

We love the punk-rock approach that Roman Generation has taken within this single, as they touch on incredibly relatable and saddening lyricism while leaving us locked into the song like a trance you can't ignore. As they continue punching our speakers with their vibrant and anthemic instrumentals, the lead vocalist later takes us to the outro with boundless hope, passion, and vigor.

Take "One Last Ride" with Roman Generation's latest single, available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Roman Generation. We're deeply engaged with the emotional tones and powerful feel of your latest single, "One Last Ride." What inspired your band to create this single?

Hi, thanks for having us! This single was written way back in 2005 for the girl who became my wife. The band I played with at the time finally split and I forgot about this song until a friend of mine sent me the lyrics sheet a few months ago. It was thrilling. I picked up the phone and called our music producer, Paul Spade. We recorded this in 3 months, working damn hard to get it the best we can.

Could you introduce us to your band members and how you went about creating the instrumental arrangements for "One Last Ride?" How did you want the song to feel to listeners?

Roman Generation (RG) is Benoît and I. Benoît is a sound engineer. He mainly manages the technical part in RG. His songs are dark. He’s mostly inspired by the Manchester scene and all the Factory’s great bands. He loves old blues from the Delta too. Originally, I am a punk rocker with classical pianist training. I like to mix different types of music and I’m obsessed with the image that can emerge from a song. For One Last Ride, we were looking for this powerful production that makes you feel invincible. We listened to a lot of bands from the pop-punk revival (Machine Gun Kelly, KennyHoopla, Lil Huddy…).

When creating the lyricism for your single, "One Last Ride," what did you want your audience to take away from the song's theme? What sort of message or concept did you aim to deliver?

True love is forever. That can’t be gone. It doesn't go away. There’s someone waiting for you somewhere in the dark. Hold on to that person no matter what happens.

We've heard that you're releasing your ninth studio album this coming January. How does your forthcoming album contrast your other records? What makes this upcoming record different than your previous projects?

There are a lot of people involved in the process right now. As we did for our single "LUV" we’ve been working with Eric Chédeville who wrote "I feel it coming" for The Weeknd. The video was directed by Laurent Bourdoiseau who made Electronic Performers for AIR. Paul Spade has worked with us since that single. The aim of the next album is to work with more very talented people. Some are legendary producers. Musically, we’re at a peak in our careers. Everything is in our hands to make the best album possible. We’re working really hard to get it.

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