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Take Your "Medicine" With Kolten Kirschke's Passionate Music Video

From Sherman, Texas, the recording artist and singer-songwriter Kolten Kirschke releases a sultry and passionate music video for his latest single, "Medicine."

When he's not in the studio, you can catch Kolten Kirschke taking part in various commercials, print campaigns, and TV series'. Working as an influencer as well, Kolten Kirschke also dances for the non-profit organization Tru Crew, supporting the anti-bullying campaign for youth today.

Highlighting his recent music video for the single, "Medicine," Kolten Kirschke and his team set out to paint the most sensual and passionate images through each visual and scene. Starring the beautiful Bella Fenoglio and directed by Jeffery Watson, this video genuinely offers incredible scenery and concepts from each fiery element and graphic.

Peaking at the music video for "Medicine," the experience opens with a serene shot of nature and lush forestry. While the warm and uplifting pop beat begins serenading us alongside Kolten Kirschke's vocals, he sings of fighting through the hardships of a relationship and figuring each other's issues out together. While Bella Fenoglio enters the video in a bright red gown and walks towards a burning tree, we feel a heavy sense of introspection through her tender and delicate performance.

Moving into scenes where Bella Fenoglio dresses in a black sequin bodysuit with a furry shall, she begins depicting a more uplifting feel through her vivid facial expressions. The outro scenes capture pure brilliance through an underwater Bella Fenoglio in a white gown, reaching out to Kolten Kirschke to lift her out, altogether leaving us in awe of each conceptual and passionate scene.

Sink yourself into the sonic, visual, and lyrical depth of Kolten Kirschke's latest music video for his single, "Medicine," now available for viewing on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Greg Daniels, Kolten Kirschke

We're very excited to speak with you regarding the creation and execution of your recent music video, "Medicine." What inspired the three significant scenes throughout the video?  

We tried to tell a story that really expresses the emotion behind the song. The meaning is based on that special someone that just doesn’t let you in, or even share how they feel. You really feel closed off and if they would just open up you could help them. So, we had to think of outdoor places to film during Covid but locations that also seemed isolated. So, Jeff-X Visuals used his creative team with resources available to tell the story starring teen model Bella Fenoglio. The underwater scene in this video was actually inspired by Bella and her experience in underwater photography. So, we thought what better way to express the emotions two teenagers go through with her experience and the creativity of Jeff Watson it’s something to see.

Why did you want Bella Fenoglio to star in your music video for "Medicine"? Is this the first time you're working together?

Bella is a well-known rising teen model in the industry and it was some of her photoshoots that inspired our video. This isn’t the first time working together we actually both model for Texas Teen Models as influencers so we are friends. She’s very hardworking and extremely talented as you can see in the video so we were so lucky her schedule worked out to be in the film.

How did your accompanying team help bring your visions and ideas to life for the music video "Medicine?"

 Bella Fenoglio again brought so much talent and professionalism on set which made the video. Award-winning filmmaker and producer Jeffery Watson brought his creativity and talent in special effects to create the emotion behind the story. Working with what we had and filming during Covid the team did a great job telling the story through emotions and visual effects.

Should we anticipate more thorough and conceptual music videos from you in the future? Or you currently working on anything that you'd like our readers to know about?

Absolutely more in the future a scheduled in the next couple of months actually. “Medicine” was the first song of my second EP Going Under so the next songs on this EP will release real soon and excited to share them with everyone.

What has been keeping you motivated to create new music?

I have an amazing music team and it’s something we consistently work on every week. My love for music keeps me motivated and it’s a part of my every day, don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Photo Credits; Jeb Loftin, Bella Foneglio



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