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Take Your Heart On A Ride With Andrea Jean’s Debut Single “Cowboy Man”

Owning the title, ‘City Girl with a Country Heart,’ the country-folk essence of Andrea Jean has us diving into her singer-songwriter styling head first.

Based out of East Tennessee, the born and raised Madison, WI artist has pivoted into the music scene as both a performer and songwriter as she’s released her debut single, “Cowboy Man.”

Fusing melodies you would find residing in the country, folk, and pop, what brings our attention to Andrea Jean are her velvety cascades that melt in your mind with effortless persuasion.

“Cowboy Man” tells a picturesque story true to Andrea Jean as her elegant words accompany the vivid imagery she intends for you to feast on. As Andrea Jean’s luscious tones caress your ears with care and ease, you’re immediately hooked upon the first listen.

Each word resonates with a poignant melody that flutters upon delicate instrumentation. The impactful percussion accompanies the delicate string performance in a way that hones Folk-Americana as you’re transported to a destination custom to Andrea Jean’s musical talents.

For a debut release, “Cowboy Man” is mature and elevated with the soul and purpose brought forth. You’re promptly enchanted as Andrea Jean takes the spotlight and delivers an uplifting performance that you want to hear more from her.

Exuding tonnes of who she truly is, you feel like you know Andrea Jean from the moment you click play. Back in the studio, as she delves into the works of her second single and forthcoming 2023 EP release, we can’t wait to hear what this budding starlet has in store for us.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Andrea Jean. We’re elated to have you here speaking with us on your debut release, “Cowboy Man.” We know how much work goes into something so precious as an inaugural release. Could you please share with us what you want “Cowboy Man” to say about you as an artist stepping onto the scene?

Thanks so much for having me! I found myself trying to write songs that didn’t feel quite right until I fell in love. Cowboy Man is a direct reflection of my deep love for my partner. The song poured out of me. I want the song to inspire the magic of falling in love and show my romantic side as an artist. I always romanticize things around me, and this song does that too. As an artist, I want to sweep you off your feet with deep lyrics and analogies that connect our hearts to the country.

With musical inspiration from your childhood favorites like The Chicks, Indigo Girls, and Michelle Branch, how do you feel their influence speaks to the music you create?

I grew up listening to a lot of pop music in many forms. Some were influenced by country and indie, but what they all had in common was the voice of a strong woman. They sing from their souls and aren’t afraid to share themselves with the world. Their lyrics inspire and tell a story of who they are, which heavily influences my lyricism.

In your own words, what does the heartfelt essence of “Cowboy Man” mean to you? What would you like your audience to take away from it?

Cowboy Man means falling in love to me. I had never been in true love before, so meeting a man in the Wild West was a big surprise. The song directly reflects how we fell in love and tells that story. Living among the beautiful Badlands and performing in a musical show together every night heavily inspired the song. Falling in love was a leap of faith for me and a time of deep vulnerability, so in the end, I want audiences to feel that and then take away the warm and magical feelings it stirs up. I want them to feel like they’ve just found their cowboy man to light up their hearts.

Fresh to the industry, what has been your favorite part of your musical journey thus far?

My favorite part has been the insanely scary aspect of finally sharing a new song with the world. That moment before you sing the first note…waiting for the room to be swept away by the music you wrote. Though I've been performing and singing to large audiences for the past six years as a musical theater actress, singing personal songs like Cowboy Man can be intimidating. It shows the audience the inside of your heart. I’ve also enjoyed the long nights sitting in my bed with just my guitar and letting the lyrics flow. Experimentation that turns a chorus into a whole song is satisfying and exciting.

With more music currently being worked on, what can you tell us about your future plans?

I am excited to be working on and recording a new single and my EP for 2023! I am also playing new upcoming gigs in Tennessee and am excited to share my songs with more people. Also hoping to plan a short tour sometime in 2023. You will be hearing and seeing more of me in the future, that’s for sure!


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