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Tal Weaver Band Energizing Tribute To Don Henley’s Classic Does It Total Justice

The Tal Weaver Band, a unique amalgamation of musical prowess featuring Bart Walker, Matt Kirkwold, Greg Armstrong, Tommy Vee, Bennett Vee, and Eddie Lange, has recently unleashed their vibrant rendition of Don Henley's 1982 single, "Talking to the Moon."

Greg Armstrong, the creative force behind this musical venture, was inspired to produce the track after witnessing Don Henley's captivating performance at an intimate gathering in Grapevine, TX. Struck by the emotional resonance of Henley's lesser-known gem, Armstrong set out to recreate it, assembling a team of musicians who blended effortlessly to breathe new life into the classic despite not having met before.

From the outset, luscious piano notes strike a poignant chord, echoing deep within our souls. The vocals, delivered with brilliance and larger-than-life flair, pay homage to the original while infusing the Tal Weaver Band's distinctive twist. This ballad receives the royal treatment in their hands, leaving listeners yearning for more.

The intricate drum patterns, bold harmonies, and twangy guitar riffs are the band's signature touches, melting hearts and transporting audiences to a bygone era where classic rock was a conduit for the thrilling release of emotion. The Tal Weaver Band honors Henley's legacy and crafts a nostalgic and refreshing experience.

As fans eagerly anticipate more musical gems from BAD SHYZ and Greg Armstrong's label INNOVIBRATIONS in 2024, "Talking to the Moon" stands as a testament to the band's ability to rekindle the magic of a timeless classic while paving the way for an exciting musical journey ahead.

We are in awe of your latest rendition. What sparked the decision to cover Don Henley's "Talking to the Moon," and can you please share the moment you were inspired after seeing Henley's performance in Grapevine, Texas? 

I had not remembered hearing this song before; if I did, it didn't move me on record, like seeing it LIVE. Don Henley did an infrequent question-and-answer show with a meet and greet with about 200 people….close to his home in Grapevine, TX. I attended the show with a friend, a HUGE Eagles and Henley fan who has seen the EAGLES play in concert 31 times! An audience member requested the song, and Don turned to his piano player and asked him if he knew, and he did… they played an acoustic version of it, which just stunned me and stuck with me. That show was 5 or 6 years ago now….and I finally got around to recording this song with homage to Henley but still hopefully standing on its own.

Bringing together musicians who have yet to meet haven't before is a small feat. How did the Tal Weaver Band seamlessly blend individual talents to recreate a classic and infuse it with their unique energy? 

I am a producer (Greg speaking)….and as a producer, it becomes your "job," so to speak, to put the RIGHT people together for a project. These were the RIGHT people for the project…and when you hear the final version, I think most would agree!

From our understanding, Greg Armstrong took the lead in producing this track. Can you please walk us through the creative process, especially building it from the piano track up and the decision to work with Chuck Alkazian for mixing? 

I start in my studio with a piano track….and add instrumentation to build a foundation, sometimes playing ALL the instruments myself, and then one by one, adding the players that will eventually fill those roles! Chuck is my go-to mixer these days…we read each other minds and speak the same musical language. Sometimes, he is a rarity to find, and his attention to detail is second to none!

"Talking to the Moon" is a record not recognized from Henley's catalog. What drew you to this particular song, and how do you believe your rendition adds a new dimension to its significance? 

It is a rarity, as I spoke before upon seeing him in Grapevine; I was unfamiliar with it…of course, Dirty Laundry was the very well-played HIT off that first solo album. I like to find songs…that are hidden gems and build on them. So MANY great songs have been written, and sometimes not hits for this reason or that…but they still have merit, legs, and passion put into them. I hope more people hear them in a new way…and enjoy them for the first time or relive a memory of hearing the old album track years ago.

The review hints at more releases from BAD SHYZ and Greg Armstrong's label INNOVIBRATIONS in 2024. Can you provide a sneak peek into what listeners can anticipate regarding style and themes? 

BAD SHYZ is all instrumental, learning jazz, prog, and multi-instrumentalists with a deep pedigree! Real "players" and a musical release for Greg and the team. There is always something different coming from the newly started label, and we hope to bring more attention to it and bring in more artists down the line to join the team.

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