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Talented Duo Releases “I Wouldn’t Mind”

Lorene & Marine released their single titled “I Wouldn’t Mind” and we were entertained thoroughly by the unique talent presented. Lorene & Marine were both able to capture the moment in the time span with emoting great passion and delivering a sense of charisma throughout the music. In the music video, Lorene & Maxine is on what it seems to be a rooftop with delicate breeze flowing through the visual which is noticeable in the windy movements of their hair and stylish outfits, setting off a light sense of seduction while they sing through the mic. They harmonize well with one another and both voices fit together like a missing puzzle. The blended vocals helped create a strong unison in sound while listening to “I Wouldn’t Mind” , which expanded the augmented dimension of their resonance.

A noticeable feature in the record was when Lorene & Marine began singing in another language which added another capacity to the song and you become thoroughly infatuated with the music. The song shows riveting acoustic chords from the guitar ,opening the door for a mellifluous journey they allow their listeners to embark on. We were a big fan of the addicting melody in “I Wouldn’t Mind” and if it didn’t have you singing along, it most definitely had you humming! It’s the type of tune to become embedded in our memories and evoke us to replay the song over and over. Lorene & Marine are both interesting artists who have a solid career ahead of them!

Listen to “I Wouldn’t Mind" and get to know more about Lorene & Marine below!

Lorene and Marine, it's great to chat with you both! How did you both meet and form a duo group?

Hello:) we are twin sisters actually, and we have always shared the same passion for singing, the same love for music. We never really talked about it, we were just naturally a duo, from the start, always making music together. We have different personalities and we love different styles of music, so we find it very interesting to bring a bit of each other in every song we make.

Tell us about your latest single “I Wouldn’t Mind”, what is this about?

We always say that I Wouldn't Mind is a "modern love story" ! It's about "no string attached" relationships, when you're attracted to someone, you know it's not gonna last forever, but you just want to enjoy their company while it lasts, without thinking about complications or tomorrow.

What inspired you to write "I Wouldn't Mind"? Do you write your own music or collab with others?

A friend we met during our studies at UCLA Extension made this beat for us. We always collab with producers for the creation of the track, but we write our own lyrics. This beat was supposed to be for another song, but we thought it didn't fit the other lyrics, so we wrote new ones for this track. We already had the chorus of I Wouldn't Mind, that we found a few months back, but we never did anything with it until we heard that beat and felt like it was perfect for it. So we kept writing around that theme and we finish the lyrics in one afternoon! We deciding to add a french part since a lot of people told us they would love to hear us sing in French too, and it was also easier since our friend is from Belgium and speaks french too! We were just chilling at our place, making music, and the song kind of conveys the good mood we were feeling when we made the song - it's tackling a light subject, that people our age can relate to, and we hope that the listeners are having a good time listening to the catching melody, as much as we had a great time creating it!

What’s next for you both!?

We are going to release a couple new songs in the next following months! A collab with a French DJ, that will be perfect for the summer dance parties! And we are going to release a very important song to us. It's our goodbye song- we wrote the lyrics the night before we took the plane to start our new lives in California. It's called Time 2 Go, and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world soon!


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