Talented Songstress Thea May Knows That There’s “Somethin’ About You”

Thea May hails from a small Territory outside of Sudbury, Ontario called Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation. Her vocals encompass a vintage sound of songstresses before her time. Thea May’s music embodies the new sound of future pop music, hip hop vibes, electronic dance feels, 90's pop dance, and at times some tropical waves. Thea's writing comes from real-life experience, hardship, and passion. Growing up with artistic roots, Thea's love for music started very early in her life. Over the next year, Thea will be releasing a number of singles to share with the world. Stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears peeled. 

 "The only permanent things in the world are love and music" - Thea May

“Somethin’ About You” is a song that carefully walks the line between pop, R&B, and dance, appealing with familiarity but also engaging the more thoughtful listener with a uniquely dreamlike ambiance, a clear level of character, and a poetic and emotional lyrical drive. Thea May’s vocal style is mature, captivating, and charmingly raspy. There’s an accessible nature to the melody in “Somethin’ About You”, the rise up from the gentle verse to the uplifting hook, but with that, you get a notable level of personality and style that helps move the song away into its own realm. Contrast is utilized effortlessly, in both the development of the instrumentation and in Thea’s own varied and passionate performance. The song is addictively enjoyable, seeming partly classic, nostalgic and trip-hop inspired, and a fresh and exciting alternative to the mainstream loops of today.

Check out “Somethin’ About You” here and read more with Thea May in our exclusive interview!