Talking With Toño About His New Party Hit, "See Me Again"

Hey there, Toño, and thanks for chatting with us about your latest single release, "See Me Again!". The song immediately had our hearts racing with its unrelenting energy! Compared to your other tracks, "See Me Again!" seems to house the most accelerated production. What influence went into the decision regarding the way the production was chosen for the track?

If you follow me on Twitter, Insta, Tiktok, or anything really you should know that one of my all-time idols is Charli XCX. My producer, Julian “wintermoot” Crisostomo, and I have a mutual love of her and the music label she works most closely with; PC Music. My newest musical goal was to make something that you’d find on the Hyperpop Spotify playlist, like a pop banger from the future, and as soon as I told Julian It was like he had read my mind and knew exactly what I was looking for. I actually made a Spotify playlist of my own full of songs that inspired “See Me Again!” that you can check out and follow if you like! I hope you go as hard to Big Dipper, SOPHIE, and Charli XCX (etc) as I do!

Obviously being a party track, the message of "See Me Again!" came to light pretty clearly. Were you hoping listeners took away/internalize any of the messages brought up within the track?

Haha, perfect! I’m glad I was crystal clear then. If anything I just hope that with the song it helps people not forget what it’s like to go hard. In fact, put it in the queue for your next Zoom circuit party! I also think people should always be “on their Glinda” you know, always running it! Have y’all seen Wicked? Great show. 

You're definitely an artist that's able to effortlessly spawn embellished tracks, and "See Me Again!" was yet another track that brought a different kind of vibe to the table. How would you describe your musical style considering the eccentrics within your sound? 

I always like to make sure I’m not doing the same thing too often, though my roots will always be with Pop and Rap music. Luckily for me both of those genres have a broad description, and because of that I can explore all ends of both! I admit it’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly I stand, in fact I always have a small debate with myself when it comes to the genre selection come release time, but usually I tell people I’m a “Pop/Rap” artist. Pop first. Rap second. 

Where can the sound of Toño be expected to go next? Are you planning on releasing similar sounds within the future, or is there any sort of twist listeners should keep their eyes out for?

Remember how I said Pop and Rap are very broad genres? I definitely might give some listeners whiplash with this next project. I got a few more songs with the SOPHIE/PC Music vibe production-wise that I’m working with Julian on. There’s also a couple of tracks that have a more chill summer vibe like the likes of Sign (a single of mine from 2019 that’s gonna make an updated appearance on the album). I even have the producer of my first EP, Jonny Lemons, produce some tracks. I promise it all makes sense! My style just has many colors, like my hair haha.