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Talon David Shares Inspiring New Single "Raindance"

Melodic piano and angelic harmonies welcome you onto Talon David's hit new song "Raindance." There is a theatrical air to the soundscape that represents Talon's vivid lyrics. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Talon was brought up in a musical family. As a teen, words escaped her in an effort to convey thoughts and feelings, but the opposite happened when she walked on stage; the flood gates opened as her lyrical messages washed over her adoring listeners.

"Raindance" expertly puts Talon's expansive vocal range in the spotlight, and we are not disappointed by her unparalleled vocal abilities. Talon's high notes soar, and her low notes are wrapped in soulful balladry. "Raindance" treats us to a whimsical, lyrical narrative of a girl who dances to her beat, someone who embraces life's highs and lows and can even be seen "dancing in the rain," while others take cover inside. Talon's voice dances along with the ever-changing melody; her voice is calm and steady set against the dreamy piano, growing charged as the drums pound within the background and playful as she skips along with the transformed rollicking piano. This skillful songstress invites you into her home of sound, and once inside, you will be treated to Talon's hospitable aura of sound.

Hello Talon David and welcome to BuzzMusic. "Raindance" is such an entertaining and inviting song! Can you tell us a bit about the meaning behind the song? Every songwriter’s favorite question! ;) So on a personal note, I hate the rain. It makes me all sad and forlorn, and when I feel rain droplets on my skin, it makes me all tingly and uncomfortable. I really can’t stand being out in the rain for long periods of time. The funny thing is that I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that feels so free that they’ll go out and dance in the rain. Ever since watching the movie Singin in the Rain with Gene Kelly hanging on the streetlight and twirling his umbrella, I’ve romanticized about it. So the song “Raindance” was born out of this idea—a visualization of the person I aspire to be. As I dug into the idea, I realized that it encompassed a lot more than just my aversion to rain. This song became an anthem about freedom—freedom from worry, freedom from expectation, and freedom from public opinion. The hope is to inspire people to find joy and the ability to “dance” in freedom during every hardship and uncomfortable situation. I’m so glad you found it inviting! Music has always been part of your life. When did you know you wanted to pursue it as a career? When I was a kid, if ever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say a vet or a hairdresser or even a wildlife photographer. But in my personal journals, I’d write that I wanted to be a singer, actress, or novel writer. It wasn’t until I started songwriting (around my freshman year of high school) that I realized there was actually a realistic option to pursue music. But I was also heavily involved in my school’s theatre department. Junior year I faced the decision of whether I would study contemporary music or musical theatre, and I decided to go with the former because I could create my own material and develop my own personal style. As a young adult, I thought learning how to be myself was more important than learning how to play a character.  We loved the traditional array of instruments you used as your backing melody in "Raindance." When you are formulating a song do you play along with a particular instrument to construct its melody? Aw yay! I’m glad you enjoyed the instrumentation :) I use a piano to write most of the time. I love to see all of the notes splayed out in front of me—it helps me visualize my voice in the same way. The piano also makes it easier to play extended jazz chords which I love to emphasize with my melodies. This makes my music deviate a bit from a generic “pop” sound, which I enjoy haha. Also, shoutout to my dad for adding both the guitar and bass tracks on Raindance—he’s my hero. What type of messages do you aim to promote within your music? I’ve struggled with mental health and feelings of extreme isolation. Music has given me an outlet to express this in ways that I can’t in words. It makes me feel less alone and more hopeful about my future. That in essence is my message: no matter how far away the rest of the world may seem, we are all struggling together and there is infinite beauty and joy to be felt on our respective journeys. I try to end all my songs with a positive or redemptive sentiment because I truly believe that in the end good triumphs over evil.  What can fans expect to hear next from you? More music of course! I’ve had a full-length album of songs in the works for quite some time now and I’m hoping to release it later this year. Once entertainment venues open up again, I’ll be performing live around Nashville to promote it. It’ll be called Miscellaneous.



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