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Tamara Grace Takes Our Breath Away In “Autumn Tears”

Wowing international listeners with her versatile and memorable creations is Montreal-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Tamara Grace with her newest cathartic single, "Autumn Tears."

The 21-year-old recording artist had music coursing through her veins at a young age. Inspired by acts spanning from the 1950s to the early 2010s, Tamara Grace turned to music when life's trials and tribulations got too much. Now, she hopes to help listeners through personal battles with each relatable release.

Tamara Grace's latest single, "Autumn Tears," is the newest addition to her broad discography. The song is a gentle and honest listening experience that pierces the soul with relatable lyricism and cinematic adult-contemporary instrumentals. The self-proclaimed "timid girl with big dreams" lets listeners into her personal thoughts about loving someone long after they've walked out the door.

Diving into "Autumn Tears," the experience opens with a melancholy piano melody and Tamara Grace's breathy, tender vocals that sing of those drunken and saddened nights filled with memories. Her lyrics are chilling to the bone, and right off the bat, she places listeners deep into those heart-wrenching moments while the instrumentals slowly expand with added emotion.

Tamara Grace continues expressing her darkest fears and deepest emotions, the soothing percussion slowly taps through our speakers alongside a delicate plucky guitar. Heading towards the outro, Tamara Grace ramps up all the emotion and energy she can find to end the piece with boundless introspection and hope for something better, brighter, and easier.

Experience the trials and tribulations of lost love with Tamara Grace's breathtaking new single, "Autumn Tears," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tamara Grace. You’ve truly chilled us to the bone with your latest single, “Autumn Tears.” What moments or experiences led you to create this honest piece?

Hi there, thank you for having me! And I appreciate the compliment! It warms my warm to know you love the track as much as I did creating it. I wrote “Autumn Tears” about a toxic relationship I was in a couple of years ago. We were living such an unhealthy cycle for about a year. And after being mistreated for so long, I finally had the courage to break the chain. After our breakup, he went off the radar. So, seeing him for the first time in years made many emotions and memories resurface, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. I felt that it was extremely important to write this song as far as I can tell it because, at the end of it all, each story comes with three sides. And that’s basically it! I wrote “Autumn Tears” about how the relationship affected one another and its fallout… all of that being cautious and fair with all three sides of the story: mine, his, and the truth.

What sort of listening experience did you want to provide with “Autumn Tears?” Did you want to give listeners a lush and emotional lullaby they can relate to?

My priority whenever I’m in my creative headspace is to always write what’s true to me, to keep my music as authentic as it can be! With “Autumn Tears”, I wanted to give listeners something that this whole process has given me: a healing experience, an opportunity to learn and evolve, and a place to cope. And while doing that, I give my personal story and experience with toxic relationships, and I always hope that whoever decides to listen to my music could relate in any sort of way!

Why did you choose to make the instrumentals for “Autumn Tears” so cinematic and chilling? Do you feel these instrumentals enhanced your lyrical message?

One thing I love to do with my music has dark lyrics and light music, and “Autumn Tears” was no exception! This track started off with just me and the keys. And I felt that it needed more, but not too much. Adding guitar, drums and cello was the perfect touch! I wanted more than anything for the musical aspect to be as raw as its lyrical side. And I do feel like the instruments have definitely intensified the entire song, for sure! It made it feel a lot heavier than it initially was!

Did you face any personal challenges when creating “Autumn Tears”? What was the most difficult aspect of this process?

For sure! The writing aspect was hands down the biggest challenge in this song’s creation. I was in a one-year relationship that was affecting me emotionally, mentally, and physically. During the aftermath, I hid all the trauma inside a box in my head and never dealt with them. So when all those memories reemerged, I had no choice but to face them in order to heal. And writing this track did exactly that. It was difficult to do, but at the end of the rollercoaster, I evolved, and eventually healed.

What’s next for you?

I’m excited to release another single, as well as the debut EP that I’ve been working on for quite a while before the year comes to an end. So, I’m super stoked about that! I am also hoping to gig and collaborate with other artists this year! I recently had my first gig in over two years, two weeks ago. It was such a surreal moment and I just can’t wait to get back on stage.

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