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Tanya George Serenades Us With Her Blazing Acapella On, "Welcome"

From St. Kilda, Melbourne, the talented electro-pop artist and singer-songwriter Tanya George displays her incredible vocal abilities through her vibrant release, "Welcome."

With an astounding 4.5 octave vocal range, it's no wonder why Tanya George has seen boundless success. Creating acapella music with a vocal looper, Tanya George can navigate a new and exciting path as she continues to receive acclaim for her unique and intricate work.

Also known for delivering tones of soul, jazz, and pop, we can feel Tanya George's versatility shine through her recent single, "Welcome." While allowing her superb harmonies to standout as the track's focal point, Tanya George is soothingly accompanied by minimal instrumentation that sets the moody and haunting feel.

Opening the single, "Welcome," we're met with Tanya George's enthralling vocal arrangement entirely in acapella, spitting a kick and snare with the mere sound of her voice. We can hear a faint hint of a plucky string instrument that allows the sonic space to float with jazzy and soulful flairs abound.

We're entirely swooned by Tanya George's talented vocal melodies and vocal looping, as she creates an extensive and passionate space for us to lose ourselves in the dreamy and sensual feel. Tanya George offers timeless talent, as she has us head over heels for such brilliant vocal harmonies that shake us to our core.

Find Tanya George's latest soulful single, "Welcome," on all digital streaming platforms, and find yourself mesmerized by the raw and unhindered talent she effortlessly exudes.

What inspired you to take this sultry, jazzy, and soulful route for your single, "Welcome"?

I love to sing jazz. I always have a jazzy soulful musical flare underneath anything I do. I like groove and wanted the conversation in this song to feel cool, open and that there is a swag vibe when talking about deep emotions not to shy away from being emotional.

Were we mistaken when we stated that there was minimal instrumentation within 'Welcome"? Were all the sounds we heard coming from your voice?

All the sounds and everything you hear in the song are all my vocals :) there are no instruments.

Did you have any help recording and mixing your single "Welcome"? Or did you delve into this process solo?

I wrote this song solo in 1 hour at home alone. I wrote all the parts from lyrics, harmonies to music. My best friend and producer Michael Cooper helped me smash it out in the studio to make it come alive, then mixed it and we sent it off to Panorama Mastering. 'Welcome' was one of 7 songs chosen for the Metro Tunnel and Melbourne Music Week 'Home Made Sound' project where our photos got to put up on hoardings in the City with QR codes so you can walk up to the photos and hear our songs.

How does the sound and style of "Welcome" differ from the other acapella singles in your discography?

I think this single thus far is my favorite song I have ever written. It's just so me. The topic; welcoming fear and love equally to create change, is super close to my heart. I try not to run away from fear and when something makes me feel uncomfortable, I ask myself why and I face it head-on. I always try to think and react and respond out of love and I try to make sure fear doesn't dominate what I'm feeling. I think they are two positive emotions we have to explore and welcome equally every time they come up so we can understand and make changes within ourselves that improve our character and quality of life.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

The fear and love towards creating music. The challenges, the roadblocks, the achievements, the good days and the bad days, the constant drive to never give up and to just keep going forward as an artist. The learning curves, the mistakes, the wins, all the above shapes me as a human. We only have one life and we gotta live it to the fullest.



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