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Tap In And Stay Connected With KDFROMTHEPACK's Latest Music Video For, "Wi-Fi"

KDFROMTHEPACK kicks off 2021 with the sizzling release of his latest music video for "Wi-Fi." As he sets the tone of what's to come with his forthcoming debut mixtape, 'Ferrari Music,' he artistically and musically interprets the era of digital currency while combining it with his unique delivery of captivating melodies, metaphorical punch lines, and a euphoric production.

Painting the city of Toronto with his new wave approach, KDFROMTHEPACK consistently proves himself as a force to be reckoned with in the cutthroat Toronto music scene.

Delving into his raw talents on the spectrum of Hip-hop's evolution in this generation, KDFROMTHEPACK puts his best foot forth in the captivating soundscape that is, "Wi-Fi." The swift cadences that he delivers have a slick groove that flaunts the best of KDFROMTHEPACK's lyrical abilities. The tenacious exclusivity that pours from his vocalization's timbres adds the extra buoyancy that the instrumentation provides at a high caliber already.

Accompanying his enigmatic methods with the top-notch production quality of the music video for "Wi-Fi," we are presented with quick cut scenes that produce effervescent effects to portray the ultimate mind-altering sedation. Sightings of Toronto's streets make an appearance in representing KDFROMTHEPACK's roots that he drives all the way home. As he explores the scenic landscapes with his crew, he illuminates the flourishing light found in the talents of himself as an up and coming artist in the music scene.

"Wi-Fi" captures your attention in a way that makes you want to know KDFROMTHEPACK on a more personal level. Through the lyrical layers that are shed in his performance, it is no shock that KDFROMTHEPACK is taking over one single at a time. We're definitely in for a treat with his debut mixtape, 'Ferrari.'

Congratulations on the release of the single and music video for, “Wi-Fi.” What inspired you to choose “Wi-Fi,” as the debut single from the project?.

Big, big shoutout to the BuzzMusic team. The main reason that inspired me to choose “Wi-Fi” as the debut single from the project was; the reaction I got from my supporters when I dropped the snippet on Instagram assured me this needed to be released ASAP. This was also one of the earliest tracks I made before envisioning the project as a whole so it felt right that I released this first.

Could you please take us into the creative process of bringing both the song and music video to life? Was this always the way you envisioned the process for both?

To summarize my creative process for this release, it started with the producer Litothedon sending me a beat pack. While listening to the beats this specific instrumental stood out and I immediately knew I had to get in the studio with it ASAP. Fast forward to the studio session, as always I told my engineer to upload the beat while I freestyle different melodies and play around with my cadences. Moments later I came up with the hook, after that, I came up with the verse all of the top. Before leaving the studio I already knew this song needed a music video up to par with the production and lyrics, so I hit up one of the best videographers in the city Axgawd. I knew his unique style would bring this song to life exactly the way I imagined, and he did exactly that. Every song I make has its own unique creative process and it continues to evolve every release.

Are you able to tell us what types of vibes we can expect from your debut mixtape, 'Ferrari?'

My debut mixtape 'Ferrari Music' will sound nothing like my previous singles or project. Nonetheless, you can expect a wide range of vibes like rager mosh pit vibes, RnB vibes, Toronto drill vibes, and feel-good vibes. This project will paint a picture from start to finish because it’s an accumulation of personal moments, emotions, lifestyle, and a message to the world.

If you were able to remix, “Wi-Fi,” with your dream collaboration, who would you choose and why?

I would definitely choose Drake simply because he doesn’t miss so I know he would slide on this. Also, he’s putting on for the city big time so it’s only right.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

The main thing that I can say always keeps me inspired to create music is my raw passion and love for music since I was young enough to remember until now. I can’t imagine life without music so I don’t see myself ever stopping.



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