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Tap Into a "f33ling," or two with Sluhhazl's Animated New Single

Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, Sluhhazl incorporates a myriad of influences into the music that he creates. His primary sound and aesthetic are focused on the emerging hyper trap, hyper pop, rage music, emo trap, and goth trap sub-genres, all while believing that this is the direction Hip-hop is pedaling toward.

All while using music to capture and express the best and worst sides of himself, Sluhhazl aims to share his spirit, consciousness, and imagination with people through these musical expressions.

Taking us through a guided tour of his atmospheric essence, Sluhhazl delivers us the melodically charged single, “f33ling.” With instrumentation that fuses together a medley of refreshing sounds in the innovative wave of Hip-hop, Sluhhazl’s unique vocal performance rides the beat in a way that brings out the best of the musical foundation.

He is a master of emphasizing his story in a way that has you fully committed to the vividly forward lyrics reflecting on his own personal experience. Using “f33ling,” as an outlet for the way he lyrically attacks a track, the dynamic range in this song stands out on a whole other dimension.

We immediately get taken into this underworld of vivacious hues and get dipped in a boosted overflow of what remains in the foreground of Sluhhazl’s mind. There’s an elusively mysterious manner in which he approaches his craft, and although he continues to share his thoughts and emotions in order to relate to listeners, we’re still left wanting to know more about him as an artist.

Latching onto the high-frequency vibrations that Sluhhazl offers up, “f33ling,” has us doing exactly that in the illuminated showcase of authentic charisma that we get to feast on.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sluhhazl, and congratulations on your latest release for “f33ling.” With such a broad spectrum of genres that you tap into, how was it that you came to discover your irrefutable sound?

Thank you. I look for the link. There is something, in essence, a fundamental element that runs common amongst all the songs by artists that most influence me, and therefore my sound. It is that energy that I have found most resonates with me. It's difficult to fully articulate exactly what it is, but it's something of a blend of a childishly playful 'forever young' sound, and a nihilistic + cynical 'dark heart' sound. The former is somewhat of an antidote to the latter; the two clash but also complement each other harmoniously, and I think the sound captured in 'f33ling' is a product of that interaction.

In your own words, what does “f33ling,” mean to you as the mastermind behind this piece? What inspired the creation of this track?

The f33ling. It was a feeling, but a different kind of feeling. The track came from a place of pain, tbh. The creation was inspired by experiences I've had with strippers & hoes, combined with the emotional turmoil I felt from being in a bad place with someone and something I love. I have a problem; I deal with my pain through humor. It's led me to have a peculiar and depraved sense of humor, but playfulness is my greatest antidote and crutch to the poison that pain often fills me with. I think it's exactly that that one hears on this track.

With musical influences such as The Cure, Young Thug/YSL, Of Mice and Men, Lil Peep, The Doors, Circa Survive, and XXXTentacion, to name a few, how do you allow their artistry to speak into the music that you make?

They're all dark; they're playful; they're emotional; they're youthful; they're untamed; almost all of them were/are very heavy on aesthetics too. They embodied their music with their physical form, in the way that they moved, danced, existed; in their mannerisms, in the content of their videos, etc. Their artistry speaks into the music because their art is etched into me. Music goes deep with me, deeper than I even like. It's uncomfortable, but I probably wouldn't want it any other way. When I make something I like, it's undeniable--you'll hear that element of commonality if you peep behind the shadows, that commonality that binds them all with each other in my music, and binds me to them.

Could you please share a glimpse into how your headspace from the time of creating “f33ling” has changed and/or remained the same to this very moment?

The headspace has remained the same, I still feel the same, and that energy is still dominant in my psyche. There are nuances of course; music for myself comes from the moment. I just follow my ear and instinct, and freestyle, and that's how all my songs begin. That being said, the essence will remain the same...I am who I am after all.

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