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Tap Into the Latest Vibes from Terell Safadi

Terell Safadi is seeing mass success since his music career has taken off. After his first-ever nomination for 2021, in Jim Beam’s Indie Hip-hop/Rap/R&B Artist/Group or Duo of the Year for ‘Just Be Down’ at Canadian Music Week, and seeing his latest single ‘Made for This’ featuring Michelle Heyoka hit Global Top 15 on Stingray VIBE, Terell Safadi is kicking things up a notch by turning the heat all the way up on his most recent single “YVR Girl.”

Tapping into the melodic instrumentation, you’re instantaneously exposed to the stimulating bounce that the expanded effervescence unleashes through this single. Being a bolstered musical canvas for Terell Safadi to maneuver his artistic techniques around, the powerful vocal tone in which he conveys his charismatic verses makes it all apparent as to why he continues to garner the attention that he does.

“YVR Girl,” gives you a Southern core to the creative flair that’s radiated on this record. Taking you deep into a spiral of punchy cadences that collide with the smooth beat for maximum payoff, the distinctiveness that stems from this record brings us to the impassioned rays of the summertime heat.

Recruiting Unkle Ricky for the production component of “YVR Girl,” you hear just how well this duo works together on a masterpiece. The ebb and flow that emanates from the seamless display of dynamism take us through a remarkable showcase in the spectrum of new wave Hip-hop. It’s a truly refreshing take that plays into the reminiscent hues of wistfulness, all while catering to the modern finesse that Terell Safadi exudes as a rapper.

Eager to see what he has up his sleeve next, the powerful rush of energy that we get from “YVR Girl,” has us caught up in the type of feel-good vibes that don’t fade away.


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