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Tap Your Feet to Ant d.'s Electrifying Hit, "The One"

Soaring in from Philadelphia, the genre-bending recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Ant d. releases a bright and exciting tune entitled "The One."

Known for merging anthemic pop with hip-hop, house, and organic instrumentation, Ant d. is truly making his mark on the industry with each thrilling and conceptual release. Striving to allow anyone to relate to his honest lyricism, Ant d. is excited to wrap and release his debut EP to spread all the more love to his growing fanbase.

Getting us in the groove with his latest hit, "The One," listeners are able to get to know the enthralling sounds of Ant d. through this magnetic and electrifying piece. As his dense sonics and instrumentation pierce through our speakers with the brightness of pop, Ant d. makes the experience all the more refreshing through his beaming vocals and energetic performance.

Jumping into the single, "The One," the song kicks off with a groovy keyboard melody accompanied by a tight pop drum arrangement and Ant d.'s warm tenor vocals. His charismatic delivery offers this sweet country-like twang that ups the soul and heat of his thrilling performance. As we transition into the fiery hook, Ant d. belts his passionate vocals while explaining how he craves someone's touch and presence.

We love the funk incorporation within the groovy instrumentals, as the swinging electric guitars, tight bass licks, and synth melodies perfectly amplify the song's exciting and passionate feel. As Ant d. continues to belt his deeply sensual and sultry lyrics, the song makes its way to the outro with nothing but desire and passion.

Fuel your fire with help from Ant d.'s thrilling single, "The One," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to, "The One," here.

We're moving and grooving to your latest lively and passionate single, "The One." Was there a specific moment that inspired you to write such an energetic and spicy tune like this?

I would not say "The One" is not a specific moment, but more of an amalgamation of a period of my life leading up to the day I proposed to my now fiancé. We have been deeply in love for 5 years now and she was upset that I had not proposed yet. I had every intention of doing so, but I constantly felt like I needed to be further along financially, and given the pandemic, I didn’t want to have a lockdown wedding. After we had talked it out, I realized it was on me. I had been dragging my feet because I have my soul mate, and all we really need is love and commitment to each other to make it work. So when writing the song I tried to fictionalize these series of moments into one coherent narrative. I tried to separate myself from it, but ultimately I am a heart on my sleeve type of guy, so the story does come out in a manner similar to how it played out. I had been wanting to create something so fiery and passionate that captures my intense feelings for my fiancé and the fierce intensity I have towards making something great… and to one day make my musical dreams come true. I like to ultimately turn all negative energy into love. In the bridge, I scream “make love to me, like ya lovin me”. Sometimes we don’t have words to express everything we need to get out, so I felt like passionate love could bring some

Resolution to this situation. We can’t get rid of all this pent-up energy we have inside of us, all we can do is a channel in more positive ways. It is the foundation of all my music. Turning my anxieties and frustrations, joy and excitement, happiness and sadness into songs. I used to find myself feeling limited by the primarily biographical nature of my lyrics. But the more I learn about music and writing, I learn to let go of that and just allow myself to express what’s going on inside of me, it's more authentic and real. I realized about 5 years ago. If I’m feeling something… there’s a good chance other people have felt that too and if I put it into music people can relate! Hopefully, it connects and I can begin to build a meaningful connection with all the fine music fans out there.

Did you work solo when creating the production and instrumentals for "The One"? Why did you choose to create such an exciting and funk-inspired sonic atmosphere?

Yes, I wrote all the music, sang, played the guitar and bass, designed the sounds, produced the beats in Ableton, and mixed the track in Ableton as well. I got the excellent Elliot James Mulhern to master the track on I wanted to use a palate of 80s sounds. Over quarantine I was loving learning about the amazing gear and sounds coming out of the 80s… the larger-than-life kicks and snares, the D-50 synthesizer, the clean productions. But I was also very much exploring funk music. Parliament-Funkadelic, the meters, James Brown… all the way to modern electro-funk like Griz. I don’t think the funkiness was intentional at first, but once I play the guitar and bass my influences and my natural funkiness comes out. I will always incorporate real live guitar and bass into my music because I love the feeling my fingers bring to the feeling. As I layered in those parts, I change the kick patterns and swing to complement it. A long time ago I realized I will never be the best guitar player… but I can be the best me. And I can express my feelings through the feel of the playing. I have heard other musician friends call my music “feel-based” music. I am of the idea that motion drives emotion so if I can get the grooves feeling good, people will be more open to the melody and lyrics. Near the end of the writing process for the one, I was learning about future bass production… and I found a technique to get clean sine waves and filtered saw waves to bounce back and forth all around the speakers. This creates even more movement and groove to the soundscape. If you listen closely you can hear a very cool synth pushing the sound back and forth… But in a way that feels like it’s part of one of the chugging background guitars! Great question, I really put a lot of thought and effort into bringing a modern production that includes 80s sounds and funky feel-based musicality.

Could you drop any hints regarding your forthcoming debut EP? What sort of sounds and styles should we expect to hear? Does the project contain a specific concept or theme?

I can drop a few hints! Thematically it’s just inspired by my life and thoughts… as well as my obsession with sounds and songwriting. It’s a combination of pop songwriting, the eras and sounds I love and grew up on, juxtaposed with modern productions. I plan to continue to explore the sounds of the 80’s and ’90s as well as modern sounds. Productions that feel new and fresh but pay homage to the sounds and artists that inspired. The idea was inspired by Future Nostalgia, the outstanding Dua Lipa album. I have discovered a more brash, confident tenet voice in the one, but you will hear a little airier/strung-out and falsetto vocals on my next tunes. I have a more four-on-the-floor tune in the vein of a daft punk that features my friend Shanko who is an outstanding producer and vocalist. I do have a more bass music funky jam in the works where I feature bass sounds, a mild drop. It features even funkier guitar playing and my cousin's bass guitar playing.

Do you plan on continuing with this high-energy and feel-good approach within your future tunes, similar to "The One"? Or might you explore music that's more reflective and personal?

Yes, I do plan to continue these energetic groove-based tracks. I am musically feeling and blues/funk-based, but I continue to churn out this fusion of funky, house, hip hop, and disco beats in the 100-120ish bpm range. I do have a song that will likely close out the ep called Love you for Centuries. It’s a little more dreamy and atmospheric sonically and more earnest and introspective lyrically. I have a new track in the works I may include that explores the theme of working through the negative self chatter I experience from time to time. And finding that light always exists even when we experience darkness. I hope that I can continue to share my mental health experiences as I know many people suffer from the same things!


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