TAPE TRASH Talks About Their New Single "Ghost Town"

Hey TAPE TRASH! Your latest single "Ghost Town" is incredibly electrifying and fast-paced! The energy that pours off from the song is incredible! How did the overall production of the track go?! Was it fairly easy to maintain this energy throughout the recording process?

Ghost Town was on the first songs we made as TAPE TRASH. Usually, we record demos really quickly without too much overthinking. With Ghost Town, we thought the demo had this pure energy that we wanted to bring into the studio recording. After setting up in the studio and finding the right sounds for everything, we just went for it.

"Ghost Town" flawlessly captures the imagery of a nostalgic yet strange place. What was the main inspiration behind the track? 

The main inspiration is memories, but slightly fantastical ones, distorted through a lens of nostalgia.  It's about the strange sensation of returning to your hometown and feeling alien. 

What steps do you all take to ensure that your sound is ultimately as authentic as it can be?

We try not to overanalyze what we do. If it feels good its good! If a song makes us move around in excitement while we make it we know it is working.   

Where do you imagine the best setting is to experience "Ghost Town"? How would you each personally describe the track to someone who hasn't given it a listen to yet?!

The best way to experience Ghost Town is on your headphones while biking through your hometown at night!

How we would describe the track to someone: 

Anders: A three minute nostalgic indie-rock trip with some dreamy elements.

Kristofer: Energetic, action pop with traces of anxiety and restlessness.

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic to talk about "Ghost Town"! What's the next big move for you artistically? 

We are constantly making new music and we are planning on releasing a new single next month!

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