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Tatum Quinn Is A Rock Goddess In The Powerful Single, "You Lost Me"

From Montreal, Canada, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter and pop-rock performer Tatum Quinn has us fixated on the release of her latest single, "You Lost Me."

Only aged 25, the tattooed talent says, "I want to give everyone an upbeat, badass breakup "bop" to rock out to while jumping on the bed with your best friends and screaming the lyrics into your hairbrush microphone. Confidence can be hard to come by for so many of us but know that you are more than enough and don't have to take crap from anyone."

Embodying the very spirit that charismatic Tatum Quinn releases into the world, "You Lost Me" does wonders for the self-assured swagger we walk around with. The brilliant soundscape is a collaborative effort between visionaries Tatum Quinn, co-written by Tatum Quinn alongside Ben Alexander and Robbie Groeneveld.

The prevailing vocalization of Tatum Quinn sends chills down our spine as she keeps us highly in tune with the words she croons. The carefully crafted lyrics dip in between textured distortion and effects and a clear and present representation of them.

This has our utmost attention as Tatum Quinn keeps us on our toes to profess the powerful message before us. Being the second release in a forthcoming trilogy of scrappy and powerful pop/rock anthems that overcome painful moments from past relationships, there is no denying the mesmerization behind the authentic persona of boisterous Tatum Quinn.

Unapologetic as she wears her head high, "You Lost Me" fuels the fires within us and has us chanting every word back to the unhinged and unforgettable talent that she conveys. If you fall in love with this lively hit record, we don't blame you.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tatum Quinn, and congratulations on your latest single "You Lost Me." How long did it take you to get these emotions into song format on this particular record?

Funny enough “You Lost Me” didn’t take too long to get the emotions through! It kind of wrote itself in a weird way! I’d say it took about 3 days to have the entire song written & recorded! Mixing and mastering took a bit longer because I’m a perfectionist & like to handpick all the sounds with my producer to get my vision to fully come through! We worked for endless hours on the mix & master, but the songwriting was very fast!

In your own words, could you please tell us what this song means to you as the creator and person who went through heartache?

“You Lost Me” was written about a toxic relationship I was in for many years. You know, it was so evident that this relationship was toxic, but there was just so much "toxic love” that kept us fighting to fix the situation when the relationship was just too broken to fix!

I remember when the relationship finally came to an end, it left me with a lot of questions, but the main question I had was “who am I without him?” I totally lost myself in this relationship and struggled immensely to find my sense of self afterward, which is why this song means so much to me!

“You Lost Me” is that song where you’ve come to terms with the situation & you’re starting to feel like the badass person you’ve always been before the relationship! You’re recognizing your worth! I realized that everything my ex said was “my fault”, was just his way of passing blame to make himself feel & look better! I realized that his unwillingness to take any responsibility was a big source of why the relationship failed & why no matter how hard I tried to make it work, it just couldn’t work, & of course, it takes two to tango but “You Lost Me” allowed me to realize that I really did try my best and I was able to find comfort in that!

Could you please share a glimpse into what your audience can expect when taking in the “You Lost Me” visuals?

What my audience can expect from the “You Lost Me” visual is, an anti-valentines day, a trip back to the year 2000 & me being unapologetically myself! It's colorful, attitudey, playful, and will have you jumping on the bed with your best friends, screaming the lyrics into a hairbrush microphone, while flipping the bird to anyone who tries to stop your fun!

I hope what my audience takes away from “You Lost Me” is, knowing how important & fun it is to be yourself! I hope this song helps people recognize their worth & that it reinforces that nobody has the right to make you feel “crazy” or put the blame completely on you!! "It takes two to tango!"

How does “You Lost Me” set us up for the trilogy to soon become whole?

It's kind of funny because my songs weren't written with the intention of being a "trilogy", it was more of a happy accident! We started off with my first release "Set You Straight", which was the angry, revenge-driven anthem that we all need sometimes when we're going through a breakup! Hating the person who put you through that type of pain & wanting them to feel a glimpse of how they made you feel!

Then came "You Lost Me", which is your start to the healing process & the beginnings of acknowledging your worth. Accepting that the situation was what it was & finding peace within those thoughts. While being unapologetically yourself & finding the people who accept you for you! & soon to be released is the third part of the trilogy, called "Back In Time". "Back In Time" is that song where time has passed and you've reflected on your life and the past situation & are confident with how much better off you are now without them! You’re “killing it” without them now! It takes a lot of time to go through these 3 phases of grief but man when you get to "You Lost Me" & "Back In Time" It feels SO good!


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