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Taurus 1984 & Karl Lewis Steam The Scene With A Lively New Single

UK-based synth-pop duo Taurus 1984 returns to spark a groove with their latest single and accompanying music video, "Rosebud," alongside vocalist Karl Lewis.

The British electro group comprises songwriter/musician Alastair Jenkins and producer/musician Bobby Cole. Together, they work with a regular roster of artists like Shellyann, Dana Jean Pheonix, Synth Siren, and Karl Lewis, who features on the duo's latest single. Taurus 1984 is ready to release their forthcoming third record, 'Modern Romance,' this spring with two albums under their belt.

Preparing for that release, we're waiting while grooving to Taurus 1984's newest single, "Rosebud," alongside vocalist Karl Lewis. The song is bound to get you on the dancefloor. That said, the interesting part about the experience is Lewis' cathartic and angsty performance that sings about a past lover swanning the city while he's left bearing the brunt of a broken relationship.

Taking the new single for a spin, "Rosebud" kicks off with a nostalgic 80s electronic arrangement through bright keyboard melodies, groovy electric guitar riffs, airy drum breaks, and celestial background effects. As the plucky bass line begins swooning our speakers, Lewis joins the party but energetically takes us through the emotional turmoil caused by someone that still has his heart.

There's no denying that Taurus 1984 transports us back in time with this glistening and dreamy tune, especially on the hook when they help us leave our worries behind and get down with the sweet rhythm. The song's music video offers a whole other exciting aspect through neon lights and 80s aesthetics while helping us better understand Karl Lewis and Taurus 1984's extensive performance skills.

Feeling down and out? Nip it in the "Rosebud" with Taurus 1984 and Karl Lewis' newest single, now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Taurus 1984. We love the groovy feel and relatable concept within your recent single with Karl Lewis, "Rosebud." How did this song's creation come about? Was your group inspired by anything in particular?

Thanks for having me, BuzzMusic. It's wonderful to be back. "Rosebud," in my opinion, is a relatable tale of self-doubt and obsession over something that just isn't in our stratosphere or our futures. It is based on a real-life situation that I had conversed about with a dear friend. All of our lyrics are factual and conversational. The song title was influenced by the 1941 masterpiece Citizen Kane, was rather fitting with the lyrical content.

Considering how Karl Lewis' lyrics in "Rosebud" offer this angsty and emotional theme, why did you choose to give the song such a bright, cheerful, and upbeat sound?

I wrote the lyrics and melody for "Rosebud," Karl masterfully provided his emotive vocal talents for it. I really love the juxtaposition of darker lyrical content wrapped up in a bright pop package. I personally feel there's an added reward when the lyrical content clicks with the listener against a colorful, bright, and rhythmic backdrop. We try and implement this in all the Taurus 1984 tracks.

What was it like shooting the vibrant music video for "Rosebud?" Did you want the video to resemble and feel like a classic 80s pop video?

It was an absolute blast shooting that video. It was the first video that I shot, directed, and edited by myself in my studio. I wanted to tip my hat to an amalgamation of styles from the 80s to videos such as The 1975's videos or videos by the group Valley.

Will "Rosebud" be on your forthcoming third album 'Modern Romance?' How will this record stand out from your previous two?

"Rosebud" will certainly be on our forthcoming album 'Modern Romance' which releases this summer on Outland Recordings. This record has evolved quite from the previous two pieces of work. We are leaning towards a more modern Indie synth-pop sound through a 1980s style lens. You can really hear the progression I feel from the first three singles from this new album when listened to next to the previous material. It's been such a wonderful process collaborating with some incredibly talented artists on this Dana Jean Phoenix and Shellyann, to mention just a few. We hope you check out our new singles and the album when it comes out. Thanks for having us!


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