Exclusive: Taylor Dukes Is Stealing Hearts With New Single 'Gravity'

Taylor Dukes is a soul singer and songwriter that recently released her new single “Gravity”, which encases her eclectic style of pop genre with soulful vocals. Taylor has been said to be reminiscent of Eva Cassidy , Lianne La Havas, and Amy Winehouse, but with a distinct sound that she can call her own. In July of 2017, Taylor released her EP entitled “Rose” and was well received. The previous year, she had won the ‘2016: Project Aloft star’ competition and opened for numerous artists including Mike Posner and Phillip Phillips.

Dukes’ intro of “Gravity” captures the listener with its progressive melodic synthesized flute harmonies as well as its upbeat vibe. The intro has a catchy tune which really hooks the reader into the chorus of the song. Taylor showcases her well controlled vocals that allows her to show her technical side of music that perfectly goes with her soulful approach as well. Taylor’s lyrics tie in the whole song with its meaning of being held down by someone. It is what makes the whole thing come together in a very powerful way. It is a very chill laid back song that pleases the ears.

We had a chance to sit down with Taylor and discuss her new song! Check it out below.

5 Questions With Taylor Dukes

Care to introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Taylor Dukes, and I’m a soul singer-songwriter based out of Nashville TN!

We're completely in love with your new song 'Gravity'. Can you tell your fans a bit about the song and writing style behind it?

Ah - Thank You! This song is incredibly special to me. It’s about meeting someone, and right away just knowing they are meant for you. That person has a certain gravitational pull, and they constantly attract you toward them. I wrote this with my good friend, Ryan Corn. We literally sat down and it all just came pouring out like gumballs from a broken candy machine. Sometimes writing is easy like that, when the feelings are fresh and in your mind so vividly. I’ve had some really terrible writing sessions, where neither writer can come up with anything of substance… this was not one of those writes. It was quick and felt right from the get go. I knew it was one I would hold onto for awhile. Ryan really made the song come to life in production too, he’s incredibly talented.

Where did the inspiration behind 'Gravity' come from?

I know every song means something different to different people, so I hesitate to give specifics, but for me it’s about my now husband - He’s a kiwi, and I met him over here in the states back in 2016. It was completely out of nowhere, but he was so magnetic, I couldn’t stay away from him. After only knowing him for 2 months, I flew across the world to New Zealand, and we’ve been going back and forth ever since… the longest we’ve been apart since we met is 2 months, now that’s some gravitational love.

Let's get personal for a minute! What are 3 things you would love your fans to know about you?

Hmm.. I am currently obsessed with Lianne La Havas. She is seriously one of the most talented vocalist/songwriters out there right now..If you haven’t checked out her music, do it right meow.

I went to school for art, so I am in love with the visual arts as much as the musical kind.

I am also a host of a podcast. It’s called “Pop, Crime & Wine” and my two best friends and I literally laugh, talk shit and discuss true crime for an hour every week. We think we’re hilarious.. it’s my weekly therapy.

Any upcoming shows in the near future? How would you describe your live performance to new fans?

I have a few shows coming up here in Nashville this month! I will be touring the west coast at the end of this year though! So check out my tour dates on my website, www.taylordukes,com.

Usually my live shows are an intimate, stripped, showcase style. It will be me, my gibson 335 named Susan, and possibly a backup vocalist or another guitarist. I like to keep things low key and let the words sink in. Sometimes when you have too much going on, people don’t actually listen to what you’re saying.. and for me, that’s the most important part.

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