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Taylor Morse Showcases Signature Blend Of Rhythmic Uke-Pop In New Song “Gliding”

The authentic mix of sweetness & soul in the charming vocals & stunning music of Taylor Morse reflects her lifelong love for the art of music and true dedication to the craft of songwriting! Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas, where she discovered her passion for music through growth and spectacular natural talent for the first time, Taylor would make the most important decision for her music career by making a bold move to L.A., where she spent the past 5 years writing & incredible new songs that everyone can enjoy. The result? A sensational hit you won’t forget!

The release of her single “Gliding” off her EP “Morse” begins with an uptempo tune and light progression while the beat slowly climaxes into the jamming backtrack instrumental that supports Taylor’s solid vocals and exquisite style. As soon as the hook occurs and the beat changes you find your head bopping and swaying to the song because that specific transition in “Gliding” is when the magic of the single occurs. I love how addicting the hook and lyricism is. It encourages us to sing along naturally due to the fact that it’s quite difficult to listen around the second time the hook plays, and not be prone to feel the vibe it delivers and in this case, sing along. I can 100% see "Gliding" excelling well in the mainstream radios while becoming a great party hit as well!

Listen to "Gliding" here and get to know a bit about Taylor below in our interview!

Taylor, care to introduce yourself to our readers? Hi! I’m Taylor Morse. I’m a singer songwriter and ukulele player from Dallas, Texas currently living in Los Angeles California. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and writing since I was about 8. I grew up doing classical music and singing in choirs most of my life and moved to LA at 18 to pursue my dreams of being a professional singer, songwriter, and artist. I write various genres but my own style I like to describe as Rhythm & Uke-Pop. Nice to meetcha! :) 

Do you remember the first song you’ve ever learned to sing? If so which was it? I like to say my first word was also sung. When I was a baby my mom used to sing the words “chocolate milk” to me and tell me to sing it back to her. I always mumbled it back in the melody, but I’m fully convinced there’s video footage somewhere deep in our VHS archives of me singing the words “chocolate milk” back to my mom. Not quite a song, but it was quite the bop. 

What has been the most impacting moment for your music career thus far? I think other than actually moving out to Los Angeles by myself right after I graduated high school, releasing my very first EP was a big thing for me. I’ve been writing for most of my life and always dreamed of putting out a project...multiple projects! But because of my inner self doubt and some lack of using my resources, I didn’t release my first EP until just last month on December 14th. The process and finally releasing it into the world was so rewarding and also made me realize even more how much I want to be in this industry. 

How has it been creating music, any challenges? As an artist I feel most of us run into issues creating and have various different challenges. For me, I always write and enjoy listening back to my own songs as I’d write them, but finding who I really wanted to be was a big challenge. Me as a human functioning on this planet and me as an artist who wants to share my art with the world. I of course always kind of knew, but after a year of bouncing from room to room, a few mental breakdowns, and nights in my apartment crying alone, I really learned more about myself and how I processed my days. That really sparked a creative circuit in me and I felt more like an artist than If ever felt before and I'm only growing from here. 

In what adjectives would you describe “Gliding”? There are so many potential adjectives I can use to describe Gliding. Do I have a limit? For now I’m just going to go with: smooth, carefree, independent, semi-sexy, upbeat, courageous, motivational, feel-good and exuberant. ;) 

Who are your biggest musical inspirations that have helped your form into the artist you are today. I have a very eclectic taste and tend to get inspired by different artists all the time, but one of my first influences for songwriting was definitely Ed Sheeran. I always wanted to learn how to play and sing his songs and his writing style really helped me figure out new ways to write myself. When I was 4 I was a big Britney Spears fan and I would dance in front of our fridge blasting Baby One More Time in my CD player, so I guess you can technically say Britney was my first intro into Pop music that I really loved. I also loved anything Jackson 5 or Michael Jackson which is definitely because my mom is such a big fan so I grew up listening to it. Daily I get inspired by new music a lot as well. I love all the new stuff that’s coming out and I love hearing something new, or someone say something in a way I never thought, so when I hear something that I’ve never heard before it’s definitely inspiring.


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