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Taylor Pace Gives Us A Sensual Vibe With “I Really Want You”

A second-generation musician, Taylor Pace got his start in music through the church and singing around the house with his family. As time progressed, Taylor's music reflects diverse musical influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Coldplay from John Legend to Prince. His dynamic skills has helped him become one of the industry's most explosive rising stars. As a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, that plays multiple instruments, Taylor offers his fans what they have always wanted--a genuine musician that tells the stories on the hearts & minds of everyone.

Taylor Pace released his single titled “I Really Want You” and gave us a vibe we can carry with us into the new year. “I Really Want You” begins with the sensual instrumental mixed with that trap R&B bass beat. Taylor Pace has the classic R&B voice that use to be highly popular. It’s more high pitched and suave rather than low pitched with grit. The sound was trendy and I can see it becoming highly popular across radio airplays and added to everyone’s vibe playlists. “I Really Want You” has this sexy aesthetic with lyrics that touches base on a crush basically. However, he’s expressing his desire for his crush in a more erotic fashion. One of our favorites for sure!

Listen to “I Really Want You” here and get to know Taylor Pace in our interview below!

Hi Taylor, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Taylor Pace, I’m a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter/producer/musician from Fort Worth, TX. I play and produce all styles from classical to jazz, gospel to R&B but I would say that R&B/Soul has my heart. My first album “Return Of The Phoenix” was completely self written/produced and over the years I’ve worked with (usually as a keyboardist) Mario, Mya, Ruben Studdard, George Huff as well as an amazing list of Indie artist. I’m just a fan of great music!

Do you think singing in the church has impacted you beneficially with your music today?

Oh my God! Singing in the church has made me the musician I am today. I learned very early that live music is alive. Meaning that you can practice all day long but when you get up in front of people and do it, the music is happening very much in the moment and you gotta learn to ride that wave and be in that moment.

Do you have any personal favorites from your musical influences ? if so which songs and why?

It’s cliche to say, but the list really is too long for me to name. When I grow up I wanna be Raphael Saadiq and D’Angelo combined so anything they put out is an influence on me. Having a similar church background, something about the funk and grit in their songs just speaks to me. But Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Prince, Michael Jackson and even more current artist likeTank, B.Slade and PJ Morton have such an understanding of how music is supposed to feel that I couldn’t pick any favorites out of their catalogues. If you listen it’s apparent why they are where they are.

What was your initial vision for “I Really Want You” ?

Dark and Sexy. This song was actually really easy to produce because, for whatever reason, from the first chord that joint was oozing this sophisticated sex vibe and I just rode that wave.

How was it creating the your music video?

It was incredibly fun creating the video. The director Mo, @Moreesefilms, is a BEAST!!! We worked really well together from the first meeting to end of the shoot. I think we were really captured the sensualness that I was going for in the song.

As we enter 2019, do you have any big plans for the upcoming year?

Definitely! I’m releasing new music/video every 30 days in 2019. I’m currently working on 4 separate projects that’ll be released in 2019 and I’m in the works to do some live shows overseas so I think 2019 will be my best year to date.


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