Taylor Pace Talks About New Music And His Impressive Year!

Taylor Pace is an up-and-coming R&B/soul artist that's making pretty big waves with his music. The talented artist has been releasing a new single every 30 days for the last ten months! After signing with Square Business Entertainment LLC in early 2019, Taylor’s career was given the boost it needed to go to the next level. Taylor's fan-base has been growing exponentially, as he's releasing new tracks with a vibe that makes you feel like unwinding and melting into the dynamic vocal production. With thousands of Spotify monthly listeners and social media followers, Taylor Pace is on his way to stardom. His career highlights include working with artists like Mario and Mya and even performing for former President George W. Bush. Taylor is also regularly booked as the headline act for the post-game show at all Dallas Cowboys home games.

At the end of 2019, Tayor Pace will be releasing his first LP in 5 years! The LP will be a collection of all ten of his releases this year plus some additional, never before heard, bonus tracks. Taylor Pace is an authentic musician with a love for the art form running through his veins. He captures listeners with his soulful and heartfelt vocals while delivering poetic and relatable lyrics. 

Check out all of Taylor Pace’s music here and keep reading for more in our exclusive interview!

Welcome back to our platform Taylor Pace! We’re so happy to be recapping your successes to our readers. How has the music world been treating you so far throughout 2019?

Thanks the music world has been treating me pretty well. I’ve been able to get 3 songs put up to for consideration for a Grammy nomination so that’s cool!