Ted Hajnasiewicz Releases Emotional Melody “This Town Is Not for Me”

Driven to write the perfect song, artist Ted Hajnasiewicz is constantly composing, learning, listening, playing and singing music. With the drive to leave the audience “better than he found it” he sings songs that entertains and tell stories in which the audience is engaged. What’s special about his songwriting skills is after one listen to his song you’ll feel as if you knew him your entire life. His single “This Town Is Not for Me” has that connective element where his fans can get a good glimpse of the way Ted feels based off the authentic lyricism and powerful emotional delivery.

Ted tells a story that’s completely reflective of his feelings and thoughts. Music is a way for self-expression just the way any art-form is, sometimes it’s our own personal diary to say how we feel in a way that will be hard to communicate in a regular day to day conversation. “This Town Is Not for Me” is like a musical diary that Ted is allowing us to read, enjoy, and feel. The passion in his singing along with the more heart-rending melodic instrumental leaves you touched.

2019 promises to be a bigger year for Ted Hajnasiewicz with his record release and more to come, you can follow the ardent artist on his journey by connecting with him on his social media!

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