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Teddy at Night Brings The Heat In, “Mr. Celsius”

Playing upon your moods, emotions, and overall antics, it's apparent that Teddy at Night will be the one there for you to help you not regret it. With an EP under his belt and a rooftop sold-out debut show, Teddy at Night has found his place in the unlikely town of Nashville, TN.

Touring the eclectic essence of the colossal sounds heard on Teddy at Night's latest single, "Mr. Celsius," we get to sample a myriad of genres and familiar sounds. The nostalgia that drips from this record reminds us of the early 2000s, as the era hops in a time machine and brings glimmers of 70s funk and edgy pop scapes of the 80s.

There's no better way to indulge in a record than to relate to the captivating valleys of sound in place immediately. With upbeat energy that has us latching onto the dynamism protruding from Teddy at Night's vocalization, our mind is left wanting to unravel the headspace that he has visited upon the creation of this track.

The pop-infused essence leaves "Mr. Celsius" with all trademarks of a certified hit while holding onto enough originality to propel a unique resonance that captures our attention in immense ways. There's no doubt about it; you'll want to learn every single word of this song so you can chime in on the reverberated timbres that Teddy at Night releases through the bolstered soundscape of "Mr. Celsius."

Currently crafting his full-length debut record of stadium-sized, pop-flavored ballads, Teddy at Night will have a little something for everyone.

Listening to "Mr. Celsius" had us feeling all the throwback notions as we latch onto this track. What inspired the eclectic yet familiar sounds that we hear and love?

Ahh yes. I grew up obsessing over everything to do with the 80s. From culture to music to fashion. Even though my goal was never to intentionally capture an 80s nostalgic sound, It kinda is just what naturally comes out. Could you please share a glimpse into what this song means to you? What would you like your audience to take away from it?

This song originally came from a place of loneliness and confusion. After a year of eye-opening madness, I took a deeper look inside my heart and mind. I started asking questions that may not have any answers. How does the world work? Why do people do the things they do? Why am I here? Etc. When I write a song I go in with a feeling and try my best to communicate that feeling. With “Mr. Celsius” I went in with a feeling that was almost impossible to convey. Iv always sacrificed my happiness and peace for the people around me, and I'm finally realizing that that isn’t healthy for anyone. Mr. Celsius isn’t a persona to hide behind but a character in my mind that I can put on and off a shelf to help me communicate my thoughts and feelings. In this case… I am just a man and I don’t know how to talk about it. It’s ok to be lonely and confused and It’s ok to not have all the answers. From the structure of "Mr. Celsius," it seems like attention to detail is a staple for your sound. At what point did you know this song was complete?

The marriage between the feeling and the overall sound is so important to me. I love all the little details, but I wouldn’t say it's an intentional staple. Some of my favorite songs are messy and raw. This record I’m finishing up has a solid balance of both. What has stayed the same or changed in your creative and performance process from playing in other people's creations to bringing on originality to your music?

Playing other people's music is wild. I've had the chance to be in bands and be a part of an existing world and I've also had jobs where I just show up and play the record. Getting a glimpse into another artist's vision is trippy. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I try to pretend I’m not a diva but the reality is that I am. I love championing other people's art, but I've always had the desire to craft my own world. Iv taken bits and pieces along the way to help me craft this Teddy at NIght world. What's next for you?

Tons! I just announced my first little mini-tour for February that I’m beyond excited about! While we get ready for that I’m also finishing up my debut full-length record. It's 14 songs and quite the emotional rollercoaster. I can’t wait to share it!


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