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Teena’s Heavenly Voice Reaches a Point of No Return in Her New Song “Trials & Tribulations”

Offering her listeners an eclectic take on pop music, Teena has stirred up plenty of buzz in the music community since her impressive 2019 debut 'What If We Kissed.' Inspired by a comprehensive selection of artists ranging from Hayley Williams to eccentric performers like Caroline Polachek, Teena draws upon her roots to offer a multifaceted, indie pop-rock-based sound. She is constantly evolving into the artist she aims to be, unraveling her artistic messages through a futuristic, avant-garde approach.

The divine singer continues her growth with the release of her highly anticipated single "Trials & Tribulations." The song encompasses Teena's deeply regretful sentiments towards her emotional mistreatment at the hands of her lover. Utilizing her impeccable songwriting ability, Teena allows us to enter her anxiety-crowded mind and insensate heart. A masterful display of poetry, "Trials & Tribulations," offer the listener a powerful and relatable sense of understanding. With a subject matter that is common to numerous love lives, "Trials & Tribulations" delivers a comforting sound that will complement various diverse playlists.

Teena's vocals enter the frame ever so beautifully with every stroke of the piano keys. Her soft voice is unmistakably riddled with range. Playing upon the numerous ascension points of the instrumental, Teena sends listeners on a rollercoaster of sonic bliss and emotions. The production elevates the atmosphere of the song and coerces your mind to allow "Trials & Tribulations" to orbit it for days on end. With it being such an easy listen, we have no doubt Teena has created an instant classic that will garner memories for decades.

Combining Teena's immaculate songwriting ability and her angelic voice, it's easy to see why she has been having such an impact in the music industry. After performing at notable venues such as Hollywood's Viper Room and Manhattan's Cutting Room, we look forward to witnessing how far Teena can reach. Given her natural talent and work ethic, we anticipate success to follow her wherever she goes.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Teena. We're so pleased to have you here. What can you tell us about your inspiration behind your song "Trials & Tribulations?"

It's difficult to let someone go...especially when you still love them. It's heartbreaking, but you need to make a choice. "trials & tribulations" is all about that choice - wanting to make things work but choosing to end your relationship. Your person is just too physically and emotionally distant to handle something with you right now. It's that break-up ballad for wanting to make it work but ultimately having to give up.

What kind of toll does it take on you personally when crafting such a deeply emotional song? Do you find that you can easily slip into this state of mind?

When I write this kind of work, I have to be in the most chaotic place! But, that's the beautiful thing about being an artist - sometimes, our deepness stems from our struggles. I think that writing this song just helped me process what I was going through.

What differences do you notice between recording and performing the song? Does the crowd have an impact?

This song is truly brought to life when performed live. It still maintains that atmospheric ambiance, yet it is even more impactful than the recording. People see me emoting and pouring my heart into it. I think they feel the passion behind my words.

What message would you give to a hopeful fan aiming at venturing into the music business?

Remember that art is art, and business is business. Create your art, and only trust professionals that see potential in YOUR vision - not their vision of you. If you are young and hungry to have your music heard - you're vulnerable. Only link up with people that genuinely want to see YOUR ideas succeed. Don't let people take your ideas from you. It's your art and your persona. That cannot be changed nor tampered with.

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