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Teenear Sets The Record Straight In “Ain’t Mine”

If R&B recording and singer-songwriter Teenear has proved anything, it's that she hasn't got time to waste. The captivating artist brings us into another chapter of her story with her latest music video for "Ain't Mine."

When Teenear isn't getting cat-called going about her everyday life, she's in the studio making sleek, gorgeous, and modern r&b records with her impeccable vocals, sharp production, and witty lyricism. She's always one to tell it how it is, never beating around the bush with each conceptual and gripping tune.

Her recent single, "Ain't Mine," is a perfect example. She firmly asserts that someone else's boyfriend with an eye that wanders her way isn't her fault. She portrays this fiercely independent and empowering persona that's truly infectious, but perhaps what's even more captivating is watching her in action in her latest music video for "Ain't Mine."

The music video is another installment in a four-part video series. It kicks off with Teenear sitting in an interrogation room getting questioned about her relationship with the missing person. As Teenear jumps into her lush verse, we see her strolling through scenes in different eye-candy outfits alongside someone who was taken, but hey, it's not her fault that he took his shot.

The video is jam-packed with sensual and sultry scenes of Teenear and the man in question cozying up with each other. But don't get it twisted; Teenear reminds us that he "Ain't Mine," especially towards the video's end when she comes across polaroids of another woman.

If Teenear has enlightened us on anything, it's that dogs will be dogs, and beautiful women shouldn't be the ones to blame for their sleazy behavior.

Allow the stunning r&b singer to take you into her busy world with her conceptual music video for "Ain't Mine," now available on YouTube. Find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Teenear. We adore the relatable, witty, and powerful feel of your recent single, "Ain't Mine." What experiences led you to create a song about being blamed for a man's behavior? My many life experiences of dating and watching the issues that many of my peers dealt with helped influence this record. Who helped create the music video for "Ain't Mine?" Did you have the same team on deck for your four-part video series? My creative team and I all worked diligently together to bring together the “Ain’t Mine” Music Video. The scripts, scenes, and overall direction were influenced by some of my favorite movies. Could you tell us more about the four-part video series, which includes the video for "Ain't Mine?" Do these four videos tell a cohesive story?

In the “Ain’t Mine” Music Video the detective is investigating the disappearance of local Miami athlete Dion Carter. Dion Carter mysteriously went missing after his date with one of the 3 women suspects in his disappearance. Thorough out the video, we see critical clues to his disappearance tied back to carters interactions with the 3 women in question. Love, Jane, Amanda. The plot takes a turn when the detective comes across a series of polaroids that outline the many different dates Mr. Carter embarked on the week of his disappearance. Each photo gives a distinctive storyline that later implicates Amanda, Jane, and love as prime suspects of the crime. Which viewers see revealed in the final video.

What do you want viewers and listeners to pick up on after watching the "Ain't Mine" music video? What do you hope they realize or think over? I would want listeners to pick up the difference between the original song. “Boy Is Mine” by Brandy & Monica and My version. My new “Ain’t Mine” explores the idea of female empowerment through subtle nuances and ways of thinking for Women of the 21st century. The song depicts a woman who is not interested in fighting with another woman about a man that she didn’t know had other women. She encourages the idea that this man is responsible for his own misleading actions. What's next for you?

My team and I are continuing to work behind the scenes to gear up for my next single and my first EP that everyone can anticipate coming next year.

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