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TEFO Don’t Wanna “Play Play” In His Newest Summer Sizzle

Coming to us from Toronto, Canada, TEFO (Truth, Enlightenment, Freedom, Opportunity) is here to stay. His hot tracks fuse Afrobeat and EDM flawlessly. As a musician and a producer, TEFO is experienced in the music industry. TEFO has toured across Canada and has received international radio play.

TEFO dropped “Play Play” (Prod. MVGIC) and it’s is an upbeat and catchy Afrobeat/EDM track that’s bound to be the song of the summer! It features a sizzling and seductive background layered with meaningful lyrics about reevaluating your relationship. “Play Play” stressed the importance of pushing all the games aside and focusing on true honesty within our relationship, whether that be with a partner, friend or family member.  It’s a raw and truthful message on an absolute powerhouse track.

TEFO is no stranger to success or great music and “Play Play” is further proof of that. Not only is “Play Play” catchy and easy to vibe and dance to but it has a BRAND NEW music video to match. I highly recommend you check it out as soon as possible. “Play Play” is available on all major streaming platforms and ready to be added to your summer playlist. Stay on the lookout for what TEFO delivers next.

Check out “Play Play” here and keep scrolling for out exclusive interview with TEFO below!

Hi TEFO! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you come up with the name TEFO?

Hey, glad to meet you! The name TEFO stands for Truth, Enlightenment, Freedom, Opportunity. It’s also an African word for “payment”. My interpretation is that my actions are a payment to the greater good of humankind through the art of music. I’ve always believed that it is crucial to stay true to who I am and my core values, and always contribute positivity to the world. Me and my team always talk about it - my goal is to always make real music that speaks true to me and my listeners.

What inspired you to start creating music? What age were you?

I started creating music at the age of 7 years old, when I was just starting to learn many musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, piano, and more. I was actually first inspired when I stumbled upon Ryan Leslie’s beat-making videos when he would create a song from scratch (also with the power of movie-magic). I found it super unique that he would build the instrumental, write the song, and perform on it. That’s when I really started to get more serious about writing and recording music.

Who are your top three musical influences?

Well, definitely 1. Ryan Leslie 2. WizKid 3. Maleek Berry

They all have such dynamic musical range, but they are all very distinct. Almost like a chameleon that blends in but stands out all at the same time.

Can you tell us about the meaning behind “Play Play”? What inspired it?

“Play Play” is all about re-evaluating certain relationships, and being honest with ourselves and others. Whether it’s your partner, friends, family, or anyone, honesty is the key. It’s all about rekindling the flame, putting all games aside, and being free to express yourself.

We all may have been in a situation once where we didn’t feel quite as comfortable expressing ourselves or saying what’s truly on our mind. This might have been due to the person we were with or the circumstance at the time that made us feel hesitant to open up. “Play Play” is the opportunity to say what we never got to say in the first place; and getting past all of those worries and doubts.

Is this new single leading up to a new EP?

Eventually, yes. I’ll be releasing a project very soon, so everyone stay tuned! In the meantime, definitely stay close to my socials ( / (@officialTEFO) where I’ll be announcing all of my exciting new updates. Also, for people who want to be part of my Inner Circle and get announcements before anyone else, feel free to text my line at +1-647-496-4303. I always respond.


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