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Tempoh Slow Are Feeling Dangerous On Their New Release “Daggers”

Sometimes, you just have to revel in your own power, especially when you realize you’re stronger than you think.

Known for a dynamic sound that defies genres and pushes the limits of artistic creativity, enigmatic musical shapeshifters TEMPOH Slow have solidly established themselves as creative forces to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Their unique ability to capture the intricate nuances of human desires and emotions through their genre-defying sound has enthralled and captivated audiences everywhere they’ve gone. With a burning commitment to their artistic vision and the skills to flawlessly see that vision through to fruition, TEMPOH Slow continues to push its limits and set the standard for musical excellence.

Accurately describing the vast expanse of TEMPOH Slow’s sound is like trying to bottle up the ocean. The collective’s musical palette is like a bright, vivid, and vibrant combination of a little bit of everything, intricately woven together and infused with emotion.

Their sound is vast - encompassing many aspects of the human experience, and their ability to evoke the raw and visceral makes for a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Fresh off the release of bangers like “Bite Me” and “I Just Need Enemies,” Slow feels like they’ve been unstoppable lately, and their white-hot streak of releases seems like it won’t be calming down anytime soon.

From the moment the drums and electric guitar kick in on “Daggers,” you can feel the violent power of the release. With lines like “Now all of a sudden I’m feeling like a shotgun” and “I’m the one with the motherfuckin’ dagger,” Slow feels like they’re in the middle of an intense war within themselves, brimming with energy and feeling dangerous.

Slow’s ability to maximize their sonic output through perfectly in-sync vocals and instrumentals is again on display, as both aspects complement each other on this release. Tellingly, “Daggers” feels more than the sum of its impressive parts, and TEMPOH Slow continues to show why they’re so highly regarded.

TEMPOH Slow has continued to evolve with each new release, and on their new single, “Daggers,” they’ve once again outdone themselves. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream TEMPOH Slow’s newest release, “Daggers,” out now.


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