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TEMPOH Slow Tackle Addiction, Relationships, And More In New Release, “I Just Need Enemies”

The enigmatic musical shapeshifters conjure a bewitchingly entertaining performance ripe with tasteful contrasts between sound and lyric content.

TEMPOH Slow is a captivating musical collective that embraces the complexities of human desires and the intricate balance between what we need and what we think we need. They’ve quickly become known for their ability to capture and infuse feelings of raw emotion into their music via striking instrumentals and vivid lyricism, captivating listeners with genre-bending production and vocal performances chock full of energy. Gleefully making their home in a space of music that defies conventional genre descriptions, their sound is as nuanced as it is varied.

Part of the reason TEMPOH Slow’s music has connected with listeners on such a deep level is their ability to make music that serves as a conduit for raw emotions. TEMPOH Slow is aggressively uncompromising when it comes to the execution of their musical vision, leading to fully fleshed-out visions wherever their names are attached. They’ve already dazzled audiences with their previous releases, “Motivation” and “Sleep When I Die,” which garnered buzz alongside critical acclaim, and their new single, “I Just Need Enemies,” promises to live up to the stellar record they’ve set for themselves.

“I Just Need Enemies” dives into complicated issues, such as addiction struggles, with an enthusiasm that we’ve come to expect from TEMPOH Slow. As soon as the song begins, listeners are transported into a dream-like state by upbeat, energetic instrumentals that belly the more somber matters hidden in the lyrics. Lyrics like “Oh god, oh god, I'm back in this hell” are delivered with an energy you wouldn't expect if you just saw the words, further creating fascinating contradictions between the dream-like feel of the song with the heavy subject matter of the lyrics. Although it’s undoubtedly a tricky line to walk, TEMPOH Slow does this exceedingly well, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

With each release, TEMPOH Slow continue to carve out their lane, marching to the beat of their drums. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream TEMPOH Slow’s “I Just Need Enemies,” available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, TEMPOH Slow! We loved “I Just Need Enemies;” we thought it was pretty cool how the song’s upbeat, energetic rhythm concealed how serious the lyrical matter was! What inspired you to choose that kind of beat to go with the lyrics of “I Just Need Enemies?” Could you take us through the creative process a little?

This is how we approach all of our music. There are 2 ways of interpreting anything in life. With evil, there is a good; when things are dark, there is a bright side. This song started with a beat our friend Kevin sent us - He’s the man. We wrote a lot of our last EP with him. With this song, I wanted to write about my friend who is constantly refusing to learn from their struggles. It seems like they didn’t care for friends or the positives in life anymore. They constantly gave in to their enemies - drugs and poor relationships. I felt like all they needed were things that brought them down. We don’t force anything in this project. If we like something sonically, it just sparks inspiration lyrically. It all just makes sense. Nick and I are such opposites, but that’s why this works. That’s my homie. We are all about juxtapositions.

Where did TEMPOH Slow the band comes to be, and how did you choose that name?

I produced super ambient music years ago, which was my SoundCloud handle. I had always made heavy music, and it was my first time making mellow music, so I called it Slow Tempoh. I flipped the name bc I wanted it to sound like Tempoh was a person. I also spell my name w an h, so yep!

What goals do you aim to achieve through your music?

I want to make a difference to people. We wanna play shows. We want to collaborate with people we can grow from. We want to keep creating. I constantly get down about the industry, so I don’t know how to move through that space. We want to create and be around real people.

How would you describe TEMPOH Slow’s sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Sounds that usually would not make sense together make sense. We hope people see that we are pushing it. We don’t want to make one-dimensional music.

What’s next for TEMPOH Slow? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and do you have anything you want to tell your fans?

We are going to keep dropping music. We have songs that we are going to drop monthly. We want people to hear all the sides of the project. We hope to tour a bit in the next year. We have a lot of music coming out that explores an entirely different side of the project. We are about to put out the heaviest music we have ever made.


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