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TEMPOH Slow Won’t Let Anyone Break Their Stride On Their Defiant New Release, “Bite Me”

Pressure builds diamonds, and they sure as hell ain’t cracking under the pressure.

Alternative rock outfit TEMPOH Slow burst onto the scene and quickly made a name for themselves with their ability to capture the beautiful complexities of human desire and emotion in their music. Having set the stage with entertaining releases like “Leave Me Alone” and “Just Need Enemies,” they’ve tirelessly worked to perfect their craft, dazzling listeners with their genre-defying sound. Having already blazed their trail on the music scene, this talented group continues to shoot for the stars.

With a poise that indicates rare artistic depth, TEMPOH Slow’s genre-bending production, poignant lyricism, and electrifying vocal performances have allowed them to craft a sound that inhabits a space where their music is truly free and limitless. At all costs, true to their artistic vision, the masters of narrative paint vivid, expansive soundscapes which envelop the listeners, transporting you to a world of TEMPOH Slow’s creation. With the capacity to evolve with each new release and seemingly limitless potential, there’s no telling how far TEMPOH Slow will continue to rise.

The follow-up to their electrifying single “I Just Need Enemies,” TEMPOH Slow’s “Bite Me,” sees the outfit pick up exactly where they left off. Once again, utilizing themes of resilience, personal growth, and the liberating feeling that comes with self-empowerment,

“Bite Me” shows TEMPOH Slow’s ability to infuse their music with powerful emotions. Over ever so slightly sinister instrumentals, TEMPOH Slow rages out against their toxic companion. Lyrics like “Every time you break me, I just have a breakthrough” and “Right now I can’t feel nothing / You say I won’t be something” give feelings of romantic tension we can’t get enough of.

TEMPOH Slow’s “Bite Me” is a testament to their ability to outdo themselves and evolve with every consecutive release continually. The first single from their upcoming “Broken Crown” EP set to drop later this year, TEMPOH Slow show’s no time to stop anytime soon, and their momentum continues to build at breakneck speed.


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