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Teniele G Gives Us A Fun Summer Hit, “FaceTime”

Teniele G was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and resides in Virginia. Teniele G has now returned back home to the states from Europe. Teniele G has been involved with music since a young age. She sang in multiple choirs through church throughout her elementary years. As time progressed, Teniele G shifted towards the MC side of music, starting to create music at the young age of nine years old.

It’s very smart for an artist to incorporate a trend into their music. This resonates well with the younger audience listeners, which in most cases, are the largger audience. Teniele G subtly delivered us a trendy hit with “FaceTime”.

“FaceTime” has lyrics many people can find themselves obsessing over due to the quick wit and detail it possesses. Teniele G still manages to find a high level of maturity within the song due to the deeper context of the lyrics. “FaceTime” was a fun way to highlight the heartbreak and the missing gap a person feels when someones they’re comfortable around is no longer in their lives. “FaceTime” has comforting melodies through the articulation of Teniele G's voice while still remaining substantial enough to keep us wide awake and attentive with the music.

Listen to "FaceTime" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Teniele G below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Teniele G! How was it growing up in Brooklyn, New York? Essentially one of the starting grouds for hip-hop! Were you influenced in any way?

Growing up in Brooklyn was pretty chill, I didn’t do too much but go to school, play basketball, and hang out with my cousins from time to time. I started writing music when I left NY at   the age of 10 and I can say knowing about Biggie and Jay-Z motivated me to become the best like them, because they were from NY. 

Let’s talk about this fun hit, “FaceTime”. What was the major theme and meaning surrounding the metaphorical lyrics?

“FaceTime” is about a woman having a long day and wanting her significant other to call her on FaceTime, because just seeing them is some type of relaxation and comfort. The woman also wants to show her significant other a surprise and towards the end of the song it switches to a reggae vibe with her stating “I’mma wine up on ya”. 

In what ways were you as an artist able to personally relate to the lyrics of “FaceTime”?

All of my songs are from personal experiences or what I’ve witnessed. So I came up with the song, because I’ve missed someone and some days can be extremely long and stressful and being on FaceTime with that special someone can put me at ease. 

Did you face any challenges while making this record?

I didn’t face any challenges with the song. I ended up writing to it shortly after hearing the beat and recorded it right after in my home studio. 

What’s next for you Teniele G?

I’m currently working on an R&B album, so I’m not focusing too much on making hip-hop songs, but I do have some verses incorporated with a couple songs. It’s a new challenge for me, because the writing and recording style is slightly different. 


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